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Hi all well this is my fist attribution if I may. I’m considering adding a flat cap to my system. Is a good choice and how will improve the system?


Hi, the Flatcap gives a nice uplift to a 92/90, so if you can find one in good condition I think it’s a worthwhile move. Make sure you can find a spare shelf for it as you shouldn’t be stacking these boxes on top of each other. In particular you should keep preamps and power supplies apart.
If you have found a Flatcap for sale it would be worth getting hold of the serial number. Give Naim a call and they will be able to tell you any service history. You may need to budget for a service if it hasn’t been done within the last 10 years or so.

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Thank you Chris

Welcome I’ve generally found adding a power supply (any) to any of Naims gear makes a difference.


Power supplies improve Naim boxes but be sure they have been serviced if 10 years old. Hicaps are relatively cheap and are better than flatcaps for the most part.

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