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Ok, @opus, you are right :slight_smile: :frowning:

The streamer is not a computer, but it contains a computer which performs the rendering of the digital file, hence my reference to “rendering stage”. It being a computer is nothing to do with containing chips - there are vast numbers of chips that perform functions not even related to computers. But nevertherless the part that performs the rendering is every bit a computer as is a Raspberry Pi, a Mac or a Windows PC, though it is dedicated and its coputer functions not accessible to the user. What makes it a computer is that it has a microprocessor, memory (RAM and ROM), and runs operates by means of a computer program.

Modern cars are not computers, but they do contain computers that perform certain tasks. Amps are not computers and don’t contain them. Nor analogue electronic crossovers like Snaxo, no matter how many chips they may contain. Etc.

And what is significant is that all computers, including those in streamers, contain high frequency generators, which is a primary source of RF noise common to all, regardless of other things that can cause noise such as the power supply.

The current BDA3.14 for Bryston, the Denafrips was a Terminator (not the plus model).

Both were very good, but I didn’t think either was as good as the nDAC/PS.


Very interesting info.

That’s the only comparison I’ve ever heard of the Naim DAC vs Terminator

Did you own both of them and have them at the same time?

Have both in system at the same time? Yes. Would have been pretty pointless otherwise, don’t you think?

Having any great dac in one’s system is worthwhile.

But, yes, it would be difficult to draw a definitive comparison between 2 dacs unless you had them in your system at the same time.

(I only asked the above question because people often make comparisons between products working off their memory of a previous product that they no longer own.)

Yep, a perfectly reasonable question. Sorry if my response came across as a bit snippy.

I wouldn’t argue if someone preferred the Bryston or the Denafrips; I found both a little . . . synthetic compared to the nDAC/PS. I also thought the bass on the nDAC better - though that could also be the nDAC synergizing with the rest of the system.

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Starting to look like it’s going to be a DAVE, but I’m still waiting. Any day now.

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What are you waiting for? To decide, you mean?

He wrote this earlier:

I read that some prefer the more organic presentation of Hugo tt2/ Mscaler vs the Dave.

Thanks Mr. Rooster! It’s really going to come down to which one I can get.

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Hello all. I was just wondering, having followed this thread, was there any conclusion from @opus? Apologies if it was followed up elsewhere. There’s a couple of DACs discussed that I’m interested in hearing.

@anon99846547 I ended up with TT2 / Mscaler sounds great. Dave vs the combo is just different Dave is a little bit more detail, combo is a bit warmer. Both choices are winners. The nice thing with combo is it can be done in stages.


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