New dealer needed

Sadly the two guys I dealt with for many years have moved on to pastures new from my closest dealer. That dealer is also not a 500 series dealer so it looks like the time has come to build a new relationship. Also unfortunately it looks like I’ll have a bit of a trek on my hands. Tom Tom, Audiobarn and Signals will be my closest options and I’ve seen good feedback on all three in the past. Any other feedback would be greatfully received as long as that’s within Forum etiquette.

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Have experience with Tom Tom, excellent, bought from them. Smallish, odd shaped shop with more Naim gear than you could dream of. The pre loved room is absolutely rammed. Really know Naim.


I have dealt with both Tom Tom and Signals and no problem in recommending both if they are within striking distance. The listening space in Signals is worth the trip!



Can also recommend Tom Tom and also HiFi Lounge near Biggleswade in Beds.


Wish they were my local dealer - travelled 200 mile round trip to buy some Super Lumina from them.

Lovely welcome and super premises.

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I’m unapologetically towards the bottom end of Naim hierarchy, Tom Tom been lovely to me. Lent me a Nait 5 something when my Nait 3 was being serviced. Gave me a very good price for said Nait 3 against a XS3 recently. Very communicative on email, keen to understand what you have, where you want to go, and the sensible steps to get there. Zero pressure too.

Crap parking though, I can never get the Continental Turbo round the back when I visit their shop :wink:


I can add another recommendation for HiFi Lounge; Paul, Ady & Wendy are just great. I can also second both Signals & TomTom; real dealers who listen.


I’d concur with this absolutely. Friendly, knowledgeable, lovely setup.

I’d also give a huge nudge to Criterion Audio out near Cambridge for exactly the same reasons. Decent coffee too.


Was it audip t in portsmouth

My votes go to Signals, Audiobarn and Acoustica - and I am 150 miles from the nearest of these. All are genuine owner-managed businesses with a real customer focus. There are less knowledgeable and pragmatic dealers nearer.
For non-Naim (TQ, Melco, Vitus etc etc) then David at Audiotherapy - he once helped me load 2 * demo Melco into the the luggage van of an LNER train for a 300 mile trip to London & beyond - real service


Another vote for Criterion Audio - friendly people, great service, plenty of good brands to choose from, 3 different size listening rooms…


I agree completely. HiFi Lounge are great - you won’t go wrong with them at all. Have always enjoyed visiting them and Paul is a pleasure to talk to, extremely knowledgeable and laid back. And if you like cars as well, you’ll probably be talking all day… :grinning:

That said, I ended up buying all my latest kit from Criterion Audio near Cambridge. There’s nothing to choose between HiFi Lounge and Criterion in terms of service but I just connected better with the guys at Criterion for some reason. I really can’t recommend them enough. Mike who runs the place is a true gentleman, super knowledgable and always makes time to work out what’s best for you - despite the price.

Good luck - let us know how you get on.

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Ive used Signals, Billy vee in london, acoustica, linntone audio, audio t and tom tom all very good


Well i now use Signals, Alastair, Andy and Mick and i feel they are more friends than dealers. They have excellent demo rooms, lots of hifi kit and have stocked Statement amps right from the start.
My recent experience was enquiring about the Innuous Phoenix net……did they have one. No seems rather pricey they said……but we will get one for you to borrow. 2 weeks later i picked it up and eventually bought it, they now have it on permanent demo……they listen to their customers.


Tom Tom are absolutely terrific. Really understand Naim and are such a pleasure to deal with.

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I bought my main system from Criterion Audio last year and stay in touch as I’ve got itchy upgrade fever. My second system was all from Tom Tom. I have a new CD5 on order with them. Both are excellent.
I had a demo at HiFi Lounge when looking for gear last year. Once I found the place, it was also excellent. There are still very good dealers around thank goodness.

I live in Somerset and deal with Tom Tom - highly recommended for a fair deal and great service.

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I’m fortunate to have a fantastic dealer a short drive away (Montrose) but I’ve bought pre loved naim via Signals over the phone. Would highly recommend them, their helpful attitude and knowledge was excellent. I’d have no hesitation going to Signals again if I saw something on their pre loved pages I needed.

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Can heartily recommend Audiobarn in Harlow.
The dealer to whom you refer was, I suspect, the same I had been using for many years so had simiIar dilemma.


I’ve got a Melco switch sat in a box on the floor to try out, did you give that a try and compare it against the Innuos?
Not top of my shopping list but as it was a chance to try it out at home I figured nothing to loose, apart from £2k of course if it does a good job.