New drivers needed

Does anyone know where I can obtain replacement woofers for my Royd A7 speakers?

They’ll be very hard if not impossible to find as these were designed and built by Royd. Has the foam gone on the surrounds or something more terminal ?

Wow! You’ll be lucky. :thinking:
Royd A7s were my first HiFi speakers and the foam surrounds eventually die. Maybe keep an eye on eBay for A7s and the other Royce that may have shared the same bass driver.

Surrounds have turned to dust!
I think I will just replace the speakers with something new - they are only in my dining room and only played at low volumes…

You may be able to get replacement foam, or another pair of speakers that you can cannibalise for spares. I would just put them in storage and keep an eye out in the usual places in case something useful comes up.

Ah ok - not surprising. If you get the urge to fix them then Google ‘ refoaming royd sevens ‘ and you’ll find a site with all the info you need there.

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I have Royd Priors that are 25 years old, I thought I’d damaged one of the tweeters recently my dealer (in Sydney) told me he could get replacements. You maybe lucky.

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Royd drivers can be a little fragile in my experience - I’ve had mid/bass drivers get gummed up, which is at least recoverable, if a pain to do, and also drivers just die, which these days is pretty terminal unless you can get them rebuilt somewhere. At least foam surrounds can be replaced. A quick google search and the first hit was a company selling replacement surrounds for about a fiver each, which sounds like a bit of a bargain.

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Thanks for all the pointers, I’m sure I’ll come up with something.

BTW, refoaming speakers is not difficult, if a kit is available.

I had a brainwave and remembered the broken Mission 753 boom boxes stuffed in the corner of the cellar. With 8 woofers to choose from it was easy to find 2 undamaged drivers and would you believe it they’re the same size as the Royds. 10 minutes with a soldering iron and a screwdriver and I have possibly the only Mission Royd hybrids in existence! They sound pretty good and even have a bit more bass than the originals.

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Pics or it didn’t happen :wink:

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Oh ye of little faith!


Royd A7s and Sound Org wall brackets takes me back :laughing:

The Mission driver fits so well - great work.
Have the A7s foam grilles survived?

Yes the foam grilles are fine - after some 26 years!

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I think it’s fair to say you got your moneys worth there!

It would be interesting now to measure, and see how well the new driver actually performs in its new enclosure and with irs new crissover, e.g. in terms of sensitivity and frequency response.

Easily done using REW software (free) and a measuring microphone (e.g. UMIK-1 from mini-DSP, just over £100 new but maybe £60 or so secondhand and easily sold on for negligible loss). This is a great tool anyway, very useful for assessing and adjusting listening and speaker positions, room treatment etc)

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How lucky the mounting was identical - with those four bits sticking out for the mounting bolts, you wouldn’t have been able to fit just any old unit in there.

Gotta love a bit of HiFi DIY. Well done.


??? I think we can all see he has made a 4 screw hole speaker go into a 3 screw hole mounting!! Hardly identical…

A touch of black paint on the screws would finish the job nicely…well done

The grilles are back in place but I may well do a bit of tidying up now that I know they work.

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