New flagship Melco server

A new flagship Melco to come soon. Many improved parts. External clock. 14 k euros. Priced now as the Innuos Statement.

The new Melco N1-S38 builds on the company’s now familiar Digital Music Library framework that includes the N50-S38, which I reviewed last year. The N1-S38 offers a number of upgraded parts from the small—robust die-cast Amphenol USB ports, precision Neutrik RJ45 connectors, an SFP port for direct fibre connection, and a switchable 10 MHz external clock input —to the bigger—a totally new set of system electronics, a new mainboard, plus a new mains transformer, supply and local regulators —to even bigger—Melco’s all-new casework which benefits from highly stable chassis construction centred around a robust 3 mm stainless steel base plate to minimise unwanted vibration .

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You can’t win, I have recently updated from the N1 to the N10-S38 and now a new flagship comes along.


The comparison with the Innuos Statement would be interesting, as you get the cd ripper and now direct downloads from Qobuz and better UI.

14 grand.

UL ? What is that?

UL = Underwriters Laboratories.

However, I think Gazza is talking about UI = User Interface


User interface….the software.

For the first 10 seconds I was lost….until I saw your last sentence :smile:

But from the description I copied and pasted above, I see principally hardware improvements: upgraded anti vibration chassis, upgraded usb connector, upgraded rj45 ports, SFP ports, output for external clock….

This is only a server, not a player?

Time to throw your prehistorical N10 Gazza. Sell it and get it for still 8k to spend. I am sure Signals has already it on stock. :joy::joy:

Melco is usually both.

I think my post confused you………up until now the Innuos software was much better than Melco, but no direct downloads. But the direct download from Qobuz with the new Innuos software is for me a is a potential game changer.

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Pam and I had an extensive listen today at Signals thanks to Andy for setting up my exact system. 555 with 2 supplies, 552/500 into Titan 808s.
We started by listening to the excellent N10-S38 which we have now and we both said this new N1 has got to go some to better it. After playing a few familiar tracks we switched over to the new N1 and it didn’t take many bars of music to hear what Melco have achieved with this new model.
There was an added level of refinement to the sound more space, better decay of notes in fact all the usual things we hear in an upgrade. It is certainly taking digital replay to a whole new level of sophistication such a natural musical sound that really draws you in.
We are very much looking forward to getting our very own N1 at home in our system.


Thanks Michael😬

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My timing for abandoning Melco looks pretty excellent then :person_shrugging:

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