New from Naim – Solstice Special Edition turntable

Not in it’s current form…

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you mean this one

Just off to Audio T (hopefully I can get a discount )

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HH I bought the P8 last year from Audio T Portsmouth and absolutely love it!

Yup, that would be the one.

How can anyone isolate which part of the deck/stage/cartridge is great and how can it be compared to a full spec LP12 with a £6,000+ cartridge? It’s heard in a package at the moment.

I wonder how a DV will sound in it?

The “will they or won’t they make the arm available for LP12” is an interesting quandry for Naim…

I posted here - but I thought it deserved its own thread….

(Maybe we will get a Vinyl section of the forum soon - I mean if Home Cinema can have one…)

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I think they’ve got their decimal point in the wrong place! :joy:

Who? Naim? :thinking::wink:

Out of curiosity, wouldn’t the new ARO fit on an LP 12 using a Kore sub-chassis for Rega arms rather than a Keel? Performance would be compromised so not a good idea and better to wait for a Keel for Rega. Or is there another reason why the new ARO will not work with an LP 12?


That’s where mine came from. Maybe we’ll see you at some of our concerts.

I have not heard the package yet but would be interested in hearing it with a Superline/SupercapDR and a Linn Kandid cartridge if this were feasible. As, I highly rate my Superline and Kandid which is the best cartridge that I have ever owned.


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I wonder how you formed this view @RedChris - not questioning the view, as I think I’ve come to similar conclusions in the past when listening to unfamiliar systems, being able to “tell” which component I felt was throttling things - but wondering how you separated what the Phono stage was doing from what (say) the Cartridge was doing… It’s the challenge with integrated systems!


The current version of the Aro 2 for the Solstice with it’s thick, high mass mounting plate is just too heavy in my estimation. Additionally the floaty plug is to long as it would foul on the baseboard of an LP12 in it’s current form. But it’s not beyond the wit of man (Roy G or Steve S) to produce a lighter/thinner mounting plate and a right angled plug solution that could fit an LP12. The overall height of the Aro 2 also needs to be considered with an LP12 (or other TT) in mind as it is a tall arm!
It could then be fitted to a Rega version of the Kore.
Will this happen? Well it’s up to you guys (and me + most Linn/Naim retailers) lobbying for it! If it does, then it would be fantastic and I have several provisional orders already if it were to happen… But we cannot jump the gun. It’s up to HQ. Could they manage the substantial demand that would be created? Do they really want to make a version compatible with the LP12 and other turntables?
All I know is, I was able to persuade Glasgow to make the Keel/A with the numbers I projected and even though discontinued now, the Keel/A is still available providing the number ordered in one go justifies it.
Personally if the Aro 2 was produced, lots of Rega mounting type arm owners could benefit too. Some AO owners plus Rega, Roksan, Vertere owners to name a few, so I think there would be a high probability of persuading Glasgow… But that is all for the future maybe!



See what I mean…


Why would an oligarch buy something made from (what looks like) cheap tins?


I think Rega uses Stevenson for alignment, right? Do you have any information as to to why that choice was made by Naim? As I think it’s otherwise mostly the Japanese tables using that, and most other European makes, including Clearaudio, use Baerwald.

I actually don’t know what Linn uses, or has this changed depending on the arm. For example switching from Jelco (Stevenson) to Clearaudio (Baerwald)?

“Say hello to my little, uh, big, chrome friend”


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Because they’re the infamous Brewdog “gold” tins!

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Because it weighs 850 lbs and costs 120 k. Al Pacino could have had one in his movie.

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You should ask Naim directly about this. They are the best ones to comment… They may also be able to give you an insight into the visual appeal of the Solstice if you ask nicely.

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