New from Naim – Solstice Special Edition turntable

Several months ago people were saying oh no because it was outsourced. Does every serious hi-fi company have to have a turntable on offer. I suppose it checked that box at least for a short time

Ok so I did get some good advise regarding overcoming the 62mm only clearance from arm din plug to FRAIM glass for changing the arm cable. Back in the day Naim tried 10mm Aluminum platforms on the FRAIM and they were actually better sonically than the glass. If I can source a fabricator then I can request a hole directly below arm cable exit. I will be making enquires. The arm cable that comes with the Solstice is just a Clearaudio one and as a couple of the US members have found can be improved upon

Add to that Clearaudio turntable prices have gone way up, in part due to supply constraints. That should have a significant impact on any further collaboration with Naim.

As I recall, the news that it was built in collaboration with Clearaudio seemed to generate essentially universal praise.

It’s not too hard to figure out that Naim would be quite challenged to build from the ground up a facility to manufacture turntables. A collaboration certainly made sense and, again, their choice of partner was/is a net positive for sure.

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I agree. Partnering with Clearaudio on design/manufactor was a brilliant move, IMO. Clearaudio’s quality, fit and finish is every bit as good as Naim’s.

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There is mention on the forum about that, particularly the reason Naim didn’t use aluminium in production was the cost of producing the shelves to the required quality. I’d be wary of any piece of 10mm aluminium sheet, though I have no idea what tolerances Naim were actually working to that were so prohibitively expensive

Well I will factor in the cost but the advise came from two of the top guys at Naim so pitching that against forum advise is a no brainer.

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Aye, as I wrote it I figured they designed the Fraim for black boxes, not the Solstice, I suspect it is a bit more tolerant. I really meant to post for info, rather than coming across as advice, sorry

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That is in my mind unbelievable. Sounds a bit like an architect forgetting to put a door in a building after it was built. Oh well

Hardly. More like someone wanting to put in a wider door and being surprised they have to cut a bigger hole in the wall!


Sorry maybe I missed something. Maybe not an issue with the standard package then

I hope not😉

Having said that there are a number of issues if you try to change things that should have been anticipated.

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The issues are not insurmountable though. Three washers overcame the cartridge/ tonearm mounting issue and counterweight setting. The magnetic bias can be and will be overcome with a stronger magnet which will counter the extra inertia (skating) created by a lighter cartridge. Only the guys like me who own the deck and have improved the cartridge and phono stage appreciate just how excellent the deck can be.

Have you considered using a heavier headshell weight to bring the DV closer to the Equinox weight? Could possibly overcome the counterbalance, cartridge pins and bias obstacles in one very simple operation.

With regards to the bias though, I found there was an imperceptible difference from having the bolt/magnet wound fully in or totally removed. So much so that I went to a dealer with it to see if mine was ‘faulty’……it wasn’t. And (yes, I know) that was with the Equinox.

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Good points SH.
Incredible as it may seem with DV1t the weight of the three copper washers was sufficient to allow the counterweight to screw outward and fully engage the spring bearing. The consensus in R&D is that the decoupling effect can only be positive. I’ve left three washers with them at Jas Gould’s request. Bias wise and the lack of bias magnetic strength I’m very optimistic that it will be corrected shortly with hopefully an alternative on offer one way or another.

I’ve got a 3g one due any day now (after seeing yours and others solution) and I may even fettle it to get the weight of it plus my DV to match the Equinox.

I’m rather naive when it comes to cartridge weight impact v tonearm length v counterbalance location etc etc and whilst the plan is to do this……it may just be a plug and play.

I have to admit that the sheer weight of the Solstice has been it’s salvation from being thrown out a window re: cartridge swap.

Having had the cartridge installed by those more

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knowledgeable than myself, the white connector came loose requiring me to drop the cartridge to reattach and then spend far too much of my time trying to re-align.

Having come from a Rega Planar 6 this was all a new “delight” when all I wanted to do was play a record.

But hey ho…I keep stalking these pages to see how others approach the obstacles and steel with pride.

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To install your XV1s check my photo with the copper washers fitted. I can’t take all the credit for the idea as Richard Dane in an historic post discussed how Naim overcame static issues with a certain cartridge by fitting a thin copper plate between ARO 1 headshell and cartridge.

Anyone got a tape measure?

490mm upwards. 480mm might work but the cable may be tensioned against the wall at the bend.