New here and also to Naim

Hello I am new here but also new to the Naim family …
I have read a lot off your conversations and now I have one small question. I bought a Focal Kanta 2 speakers, and I was wondering what could I get for 10.000€ from Naim gear, that could move and play my Kanta´s appropriately… I tried the Classe Sigma 2200i , and also Hegel 190…I could just say no thanks, it is not the right thing… I am listening 30% vinyl and 70% stream over Tidal. Our listening room is about 30m²…
thank you for your help
BR from Vienna

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Ndx2/supernait 3 is an ideal pairing with kanta 2 speakers.


I heard them with Ndx2 streamer snd Supernait 2 a while back and they sounded superb. The Supernait 2 has since been revised and is the Supernait 3 which is a great replacement. So my recommendation would be Ndx2/SN3 and Naim speaker cables for a demo.

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I too have heard them performing well with a Supernait 2 and NDX2, so a Supernait 3 sounds ideal, especially as it has a rather nice phono stage onboard. As per Gazza’s recommendation, a pair of NAC5 cables, at least 3.5m per channel and properly terminated with the Naim SA8 speaker plugs (which come with the Supernait) at the amp end, and whatever 4mm plugs Focal recommend at the other end.

Then start saving up for a Hi-line, and a pair of Powerlines for a future upgrade. Then a Hicap DR…


You missed off the 555dr to go on the ndx2 :grin:

That’s further down the line… It’s nice to have the road mapped out a bit :wink:


It’s a strange one. The idea of considering upgrades from day one is a key thing that can put people off Naim. You only have to read other forums to realise that many view Naim as a source of constant dissatisfaction and a never ending money pit. It doesn’t have to be a constant upgrade treadmill. One would rather hope that for €10,000 one could get electronics that wouldn’t need further expense. Of course, upgrading is optional and it’s good that the path is available should one choose to follow it, but the spend more buy more mantra can be destructive. €10,000 is an already an awful lot of money.


There’s no absolute need, but it is nice to have clarity over the options available to you.


Thank you for your answers. I had two more questions:

  1. if we can compare the NDX2/SN3 combination against Hegel H590 (almost the same price range) , what would be for you the better choice?
  2. what do you say about combination : NDX2/ 282/ NAP 250 or 300DR? is it really big step then the first combo?
    I mean in money it is a huge step :slight_smile:
    from Vienna

The better choice would be the one you prefer listening to.

I wouldn’t got too heavy further down the chain - source quality is important, as nothing else further down the line can improve it, just expose it for good as well as bad.


So after some time I am considering more and more the folowing combo: : NDX2/ 282 with HiCap / NAP 300DR for my Kanta 2 …
Any suggestions or other ideas? it is not cheap , by I would like to call it Endsolution :slight_smile:

Have you listened to any of the combinations mentioned on this thread?

On paper 282/HiCap > 300 DR is far better than Supernait 3, but in your room with your speakers it may not necessarily be so.

There is OBVIOUSLY only ONE way to find out.

I had a 282/HiCap at one stage and indeed it’s a good combination. There is something nice and simple about a good integrated amp though.


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Or, with a slight stretch of budget, you might consider getting a 250DR power amp and a XPSDR to go on your NDX2. Oh it’s fun to spend other people’s money!


Forget Focal speakers and get a pair of loved Naim speakers.

If you are thinking of a 282/300 you really should be looking at a 555PS on the NDX2. As has been said previously, and particularly if you are looking at a system that doesn’t need further improvements, NDX2, XPSDR, 282, Hicap, 250 would be a much better balanced setup. I’ve very much gone for a source first approach with NDX2, 555PS and SN3, but then I’ve got small speakers and not Kanta 2s. The SN3 really is a very fine amplifier. I was surprised how good it is.

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Why not 252/250 dr?

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Hi Miki,

Welcome! Unless the Kanta 2s need a lot of power, I would get a used 250.2 amp and the 282/Hicap DR. There are a few folks on here who think that the 250.2 was not Naim’s finest hour, but I think the dark/chunky sound of this amp -which I have and like- would be a happy marriage with the bright-and-light Focal speakers. From there, you could apply the savings over a NAP 300 either to a 555 power supply for the NDX2, or -and this is what I would do- get a relatively inexpensive streamer/DAC combination and throw some money at your vinyl setup. DACs that are transparent to the source material can be had for very little money these days!

All best,

The biggest problem here in Vienna , there are no many dealers for the Naim. And to find the combination which I want, would be even more difficult… Also used Naim products are also not easy to find on the market. And to get the gear at my home to try, even harder to find…i have had the chance to try McIntosh MC8900 in my home with Kanta´s…Not my thing… The nice surprise was Yamaha AS 2200…

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Is the XPSDR such a big game changer ?

THX but no. I got them, they are here… :wink: