New HiCap DR - Phono Stage issues?

Just fitted a HiCap DR to my SN2.

My RP10/Apheta is connected via a Rega Aria phono stage (phono leads both ends) - but now the MC setting doesn’t provide any output and I have to use MM?? (I was using factory settings for MC before with the SN2/Aria - the only changing factor is the HiCap addition)

Does this make any sense?

I can’t think of a connection. Of course you could remove the HiCap and see if the issue resolves.

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Solved - cable issues, thanks for looking

What was wrong?

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Schoolboy error - I attached the output lead to the MM out on the Aria but when checking didn’t check that as it was difficult to see…oh dear…

That would cause it! It’s usually just one thing wrong; the challenge can be finding it.

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