New home wiring

All you need is a couple of dirt cheap Cisco Catalysts and SFPs off ebay for fibre, it doesn’t have to cost more than a basic Cat5e LAN.

I am throwing counter points here, fibre just isnt really necessary has higher support requirements and more kit. For 100% of standard houses ethernet is fine :slight_smile:

I have fibre so I am one to talk, but equally I am a geek

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I’m just saying that it’s not expensive. Not sure what you mean by “higher support requirements”, I’ve used a couple of different fibre LAN setups and they have been plug-and-play and entirely trouble free.

I’m with you on this, it’s about as easy as it gets and not expensive or complex, in fact it’s less of a minefield of cable options than with copper, you’d be worrying if it was making the vocals sound bright or some other niggle.
Either copper/optical work in a home setting, certainly in my case, I have the main house and two buildings in the garden, the workshop being almost 100m from where the Internet enters the property. There’s also a reason why most telcos around the world are replacing all their copper networks with optical, I’ve now finally got FTTP run in on my road to the drop poles, just need Openreach to sign it off, happy days.
Ironically, I think the OP was just asking a theoretical question out of interest. Clearly I’m not the only one that has done it at least!

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