New iMac audio to Atim

Hi all, I have a new iMac … and just found out Apple have now removed the optical output on the 3.5mm headphone port! I can think of no good reason other than it must be some $$$ spinner for them somehow! Anyhow… What is the recommended way to connect my iMac to my Atom? Much prefer the iMac Tidal interface (and Master audio) than the integrated Tidal through the awkward Naim app.

There are literally thousands of ways to do this and none of them are best or even recommended. The question as with anything in audio is what is your threshold for cost?

If its low then get practically any USB to SPDIF convertor on amazon, these can be had for like a fiver.

Or get a DacV1

Or get a chord hugo tt2

You pays your money, you makes your choice.

Airplay works really well in my situation! Also from Mac (or iPhone or iPad) to Atom.

When you look into an USB-SPDIF converter, make sure to check out the Schiit Eitr, which worked really well in my previous setup from Mac Mini to Esoteric DAC.

If you want to use Tidal Masters Audio you will need a DAC that supports MQA for any “benefit”.

MQA seems to limit the list of DACs to just the AudioQuest DragonFly range!

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