New(ish) NAPSC

Just plumbed a preloved NAPSC into my system (thanks to James at Tom Tom, as always) and, not expecting to hear anything very noticeable, I was slightly surprised to hear improvements almost immediately. I’m not sure writing about hifi isn’t like dancing about architects, but I would say it’s sounding:

More detailed
Wider soundstage

Is that what others have heard as NAPSC improvements? I’m not bothered either way, but interested.


Dances have been written about architects. I’ve never understood the issue there.


Spellcheck ruined my attempt at quotation.

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That pretty much hits the nail on the head for how adding the NAPSC can improve the NAC202.

I like the NAPSC; it’s relatively affordable and adding it to the NAC202 is a great demo, and a rather fun way to learn the benefits of dedicated separate power supplies. I can’t imagine many would have a NAPSC demo on the NAC202 and not either buy it there and then or else pencil it in as a purchase or present soon down the line.


…just wait till you add a HicapDR :sunglasses:

You have very similar set up that we enjoyed for years, except we had N805S’s not 804…adding the HicapDR lowered noise floor and opened thing up even more, defo wow factor! I was very impressed and bought new after home demo. Great value for money imho

Hey, get me, writing about hifi and getting the right answer. Whatever next?

(Yes, I know: HiCap DR, XPS for the CDX2, NAP250 to drive the speakers better… thanks for spending my money for me)


I love spending other people’s money! lol

But in all seriousness, hence my post, I did have similar set up and was very happy with it for years…

oh, you forgot the 282 too :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

A related query: now I’ve removed the link/blanking plug to connect the NAPSC to the 202, I’m left with a 4-pin DIN socket (marked Link 1) that doesn’t seem to have a role. The manual (diagram 12.3 on page E14) shows how the three other sockets in that area can be connected to a power amp, NAPSC and HC but not what the Link 1 does. Is it just there so that the link/blanking plug bypasses the NASPC socket when a NAPSC isn’t being used, or does it have another use?


That Link1 socket is only for the paddle link plug. If you are using a NAPSC then it remains “open” and you should not try plugging in anything else to that socket.

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Got it - so it’s just there to adjust the wiring for the amp to self-power its internal circuitry when a NAPSC isn’t involved.

Some words to that effect in the manual might have been helpful, since those with a more inquisitive approach than me might be tempted to go plugging all sorts into that socket. I suppose that’s one reason why a 4-pin DIN socket is used, since it makes it a bit more of a challenge to do so.

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