New letter E on the Naim application of ND5 X2

In the Naim application of the ND5 X2, on top of some albums icon, what does the white letter E in a black square means?

Welcome to the forum Daniel. The E is the Tidal ID for albums or tracks containing explicit lyrics.

Some discussion here:


Thank’s for the answer Richard and thank’s to those who added informations. I understand that these lyrics are not available with the Naim app but only with the Tidal app.

On a another topic, since we all browse for new unknown album or artists (theses apps are far better than buying CDs), may I suggest two improvements for the Naim app?
1- a one or two seconds fade out for the playing music when we want to switch to another artist,
2- a return at the same position in the browsing list after clicking back from playing album or artist (instead of a return systematicly at the beginnig of the list).

Voilà, sorry for my approximate english.


Sounds like you might like Roon. It’s not cheap, but amongst other things, it can show lyrics on screen when they are available. The play queue remains visible so that you can start where you left off, or scroll back to find tracks you have played.

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