New loudspeaker - life after SBL?

The OP is considering the Kudos 606, which is priced similar to the ProAc K3. Hence my suggestion to audition the K Series.

The K6 (original, not Signature edition) retails for just under $18,000 in the UK. You obviously have to pay well over the odds in the States! I believe the OP lives in Germany, so hopefully he wouldn’t get stung as much.

Yes, true

Is it my bad English :o)
Yes, I live in germany.

Was listening to the magic SBL the whole day. My dilemma might be, that I do want the exact sound - only better. :slightly_smiling_face:

Max height should be 1m. After 1m the pitch of the roof begins. The higher the speaker, the more he is in the room.
As of the pitch I am also a little skeptical with neat 06 - the super tweeter is on the top and will be reflected by the wall.

For this reason I thought about 606 in the first place.

Your English is much better than my German! If you can, an audition of the ProAc (K3 or K6) might give you a pleasant surprise. ProAc and Naim fit together remarkably well.

Is there a way you can improve the walls? I have my sbls against double stone walls and whatever I throw at them it sounds fabulous. If all you need is a bit extra bass depth, a handyman might be all you need.

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Sbl’s, sl2’s they both need a brick wall, stud wall or even a modern block and then dry lined plaster board, causes the sbl’s to struggle with bass.
I tried all sorts to try and make them work, when I moved rooms and lost my solid wall, nothing worked and so gave up.
Replacing speakers is never easy, but got to say the fact 12’s are so much better than the sbl’s and so they should be, everything is much better apart from they can’t go close to the rear wall, but then that is also the biggest downfall the naim speakers have, especially if you live in a modern house, as they hardly ever have a solid wall these days

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I don’t think that’s quite fair, Dunc. The *BL range of speakers were of their time. They weren’t made with modern building techniques in mind.

And they certainly make the best of small-ish British rooms with their back to the wall designs. Americans and some Europeans with more contemporary open plan living will no doubt find this parochial. But they make sense to this Brit.

Well my experience off both the sbl’s and sl2’s is that they need a solid rear wall to work, lose that and the bit off bass that they have is gone.
They haven’t got much to start with really, but can work if you give them the right circumstances.

My statement, i feel is true, that yes its great that they can go right up against the wall, great tor space and yes they need to be right up against the wall to work properly, they also need that wall to be solid, if not then you have a speaker that will never work properly and so its also their downfall.

As said i lived with sbl’s fine for years, then moved them and that was it, it was horrible, i tried all sorts to try and get them back, but i was just kidding myself, and so i had to let them go and start the painful process of finding speakers that worked in my new room, luckily i found the PMC’s and the transmission bass, joy off joy, job done.

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I understand why the PMCs are right for you. I’m just trying to help the OP really. If we don’t understand the context of where we are coming from, we don’t have much chance of ‘solving’ the future. Imo.

So was i, he also has stud walls etc or so i take it from what he is saying? And as above if so, he is really up against it, with trying to get bass out off them.

I have Jern and sub also. I think they are better than Sbls. Very dangerous to say that here, but I genuinely do. They have amazing speed, micro dynamics and musicality. They have a thread here.

Bloody dangerous! I agree with you :wink:

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I have moved 2 times. From perfect environment for SBL to a small room with hard walls … too much bass.
Now a bigger room with no solid walls … less bass.

But as mentioned … really like their spirit. My ears are SBL.

Will look for 606, pmc and pro ac.
Is pro ac a closed speaker or bass reflex to the bottom?

Most ProAc are reflex, towers vent to the bottom, 2-way bookshelf’s port both front and back depending on model. The Tablet 10’s are sealed.


I have just installed the 242 active crossover on my SBL’s.


  • No more thoughts of “thinness”, “tentativeness”, “too bright”.
  • Powerful, fulsome, and deep bass. Selections featuring electric bass guitar are awesome.
  • My first impression was of the woofer being properly engaged, with instruments “popping”, and not shy, small, or collapsed, but with real meat to the bones. Then along with this, surprisingly, a relaxed overall presentation, not “speedy”, which I liked with passive, admittedly, but this is for me more engaging and appropriate.

I had been putting this off as only one of my 250 Chrome Bumper amps (now used on the tweeters) is in a recently recapped state, and the High Cap ideally should be done as well.

I’m glad I gave it a try.


You should resist to your dealers offer getting the 808s to your house, if you are not ready for this major investment. I had the demo in my house in comparison to my active NBL. It was obvious that the 808s bring improvements in all aspects compared to the NBL. I own them since March and I‘m happy that I did this replacement :blush:


Wise advice :grin: Are you running the 808s active? My current thought is 3x250 but not heard that yet

It is strange to me that there is not a single recommendation for an excellent speaker that NAIM has produced.
The speaker is called OVATOR S-400 / S-600 …
For your listening space the 400 is more suitable.


I‘m running them active with 3x250DR. I have seen in you profile you own already 2x300, so you just need another 300 to run them with 3x300. But don‘t worry the 3x250 are sufficient for the 808. I haven’t heard 808 driven passiv by one 500, but my dealer told me that active with 3x250 outperforms the passive 500