New Mac - Lightroom or alternatives?

What’s wrong with Hasselblad?

Affinity looks rather interesting, especially with the one of licensing. Out of interest how do you find the XT-3 ?


Thanks, that’s good to know. I do have Affinity (1) but must admit, because I have PS, I tend not to use it. I need to persevere with it.

I shall follow your thread with great interest, I have an ageing MBP (2013), with exactly the same issues - and I have a Fuji XT2.
I have a feeling some of the posters are not aware that the X-trans sensor is a different animal altogether, and some of the recommendations may not work with it.

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I believe Adobe Bridge CC Browser is free to download - so perhaps that along with Affinity may be an option. I’ve not tried it though recently, but it was pretty good when it came with CS6. Allows metadata edits, and bulk renames etc

Wow. Thanks for that.
I’m asking because I’m getting a Hasselblad camera and it would have been nice to know what are the shortcomings of the software before I get an alternative.

The Fujifilm XT-3 has been great. Easy to use, light and reliable (I changed from a Nikon DSLR). I mainly use for landscape and macro (with the 80mm Fuji lens). Some well priced used versions on MPB. If you’re thinking of upgrading the XT-5 is also just out with a 40mp CMOS sensor. Worth considering if you want the quality and you’re happy to manage the larger raw file sizes. The new X-H2S is also 40mp and is more directed at sports and video…


Thanks Alan - I went the same way, after losing faith in Nikon reliability with two broken D750s. I just the love the controls and the handling of the XT-1. Looking at the XT range, it’s good to see they’ve kept the lovely form factor and just added more usability. I’ll took a look at the XT-5.


I have a Nikon D7200 (cropped sensor)
Been thinking of trading it in for a Nikon Z50 mirrorless cropped sensor or maybe a Fuji XT4
Any advice would be much appreciated.

$64k question. Why…?

The D7200 is a very capable DSLR - I have a D7000.

How invested are you in Nikon lenses - ? Are you willing to sell all those on…?

I have a couple of Nikon lenses that I rarely use but will probably keep if I stick with Nikon and buy thier adaptor
My main lens is a zoom but so well used that it needs replacing anyway.
Main reason for changing camera is to get a smaller and lighter system.
The Nikon mirrorless (including zoom lens) is exactly half the weight of my D7200

Sell all your Nikon… and buy … something else…?

Personally… (YMMV, etc) I don’t like the idea of using the Nikon ‘adaptor’… :thinking:

I’m not familiar with the Nikon system but I made the move from Canon 5d mrk iii’s and 6 of their professional lenses, to a couple of xt4’s and as close to like for like lenses. The Fujis are much lighter, I much prefer the colours to the Canon files, in body stabilisation is brilliant, and buying carefully secondhand lenses it wasn’t an expensive move, plus I have two new bodies. The great thing with the Fuji’s is the lenses are optically wonderful without costing the earth.
Downside, I find the bodies far too complex, but it’s down to the user how complicated or simple you want to make them, lots of options. The lenses feel quite light, but so far they seem robust enough, but the Canon’s feel more so, time will tell I guess.
I started into Fujis with the X-Pro 1, then 2. They are lighter still than the XF bodies, brilliant travel cameras.
One last thing, I compared Capture One and it probably had a very marginal advantage with the Fuji files at 100%, which in reality is only seen when pixel peeping, but it didn’t come close to the ease of use and range of options available in LR, but that’s on subscription and for work I’ll be processing 100’s of images.


I should add, part of my decision was Canon are no longer developing EF lenses, and moving to their mirrorless required the adapter for EF or replacing all my lenses. Too costly.

My 5D MK II still works but for how long. My collections of lenses is more valuable, but I really have no idea where to move next.

Have a look at Affinity Photo. Just as good as Lightroom but no monthly fee.
I went from Photoshop,lightroom and have had no regrets


UK team I believe, the whole suite is cracking value if you regularly use the apps.

Yeah there is some history there. Affinity is made by Serif which is a UK software company. Now, in the 90s Serif had a suite of low cost publishing tools that were kind of like also-ran toys. They were not anywhere near what you would expect from the Mocromedia and Adobe’s of the world. I used them when I was a kid before transitioning onto pro software and with it the massive licensing costs. In my mind Serif made good value but ultimately software you couldn’t use for anything of professional quality.

They rebranded their offering away from “Serif Suite” to “Affinity” largely because of this and I was very hesitant to give Affinity a try after having a professional career based on InDesign, Photoshop, Freehand, Illustrator and so forth. The still low cost gave me a lot of concern too but I thought what the hey. I was fed up with Adobe subscription licensing and not being able to fire up Photoshop out in the sticks with no phone signal because it wants a licensing connection to the server.

Long story short, Serif has matured beyond recognition in the 25 years since I had used it last into something that is truly capable as a replacement for Adobe. In fact, the main thing Adobe has going for it now is that you probably need to stick with it if you want to work somewhere in design because they will use it. But if you are a freelancer Affinity is probably a better bet. I actually used Affinity to draft designs for a house that is 60% through being built as I type.

My new M2 Airbook arrived on Wednesday. Setup was a breeze and it’s a very nice machine. I’m going to download the Affinity trial at the weekend and give it a go and see how I get on.

Thanks all for the input – very interesting and useful.