New Mac Pro and 32" screen

That’s an expensive autumn coming up.

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Compared to a Naim power-supply the new Mac Pro is a low-budget item. A very impressive demo of Logic Pro running and mixing 1000 channels.

But I am more impressed by the latest machine-learning tricks in their OS. Some very interesting additions to music servers can be had here. This time for the active interested user.


The stand for the screen only costs £1k.

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Yes $1,000 extra for the stand is ridiculous. It doesn’t even let the screen go all the way to the desktop, which is the first thing I checked. I like the screen as low as possible.

I was waiting for the announcement about the release of this beastie, then my hopes of ever owning one were dashed in one foul swoop.
How €[|…^>g much!! Thats more than I paid for my house. :joy::joy:

Yes it is crazy. I use it for my business and so get the vat off and obvious tax advantage. I’ve been properly waiting for a couple of years and actually thought they were going to give up on the Mac Pro. I’ve had my current Mac Pro for coming up to 9 years and it’s never crashed once. It comes out of sleep when not asked to, but never crashed😁

I have the 6.1 ‘pedalbin’. A great machine. I bought it since I had to run several Virtual Machines, A Digital Organ (Hauptwerk) and my wife wants a simple OS to manage her photo’s.

Always on and a fab machine.

This was a good design:

What’s the chances of the dustbin Pro price going down when the new one is introduced. Does Apple have a history of price dropping on what would be an old version of computer?


You seriously thinking of getting one?

I was waiting for the new Apple screen to hook up to my MacBook Pro but gave up & went for the LG screen. Doesn’t have the build, design or finish of an Apple display but can’t grumble about the actual screen quality which is superb. Maybe Apple will do a ‘budget’ version of this pro display in 27" form? Unlikely I know…

Definitely the Mac Pro, but not sure about which spec yet. I use my Mac hours a day for my job and can’t bear any delays in what I ask it to do. I want instant image previews when I’m selecting from 1,000 pics per job. It’s all about quality of life and I want to move from the computer chair as soon as I can and I also want a perfectly stable system.

The screen got me very excited, but 2 days later, I’m thinking it’s just such a crazy price. I already use a 30" NEC monitor. I think the screen is what I’d like to have, but don’t need it.

I know exactly how you feel about wanting to process images as fast as possible so you can get away from the screen. I recently moved on my 27’ 2012 iMac for the same reason and now have a 15" MacBook Pro hooked up to the USB C LG 27" display. The MacBook replaced a 2012 15" MacBook Pro that died and the speed difference is huge. I’d have gone for the 27" iMac Pro but it wasn’t around when I got the MacBook. You probably already use it but Photomechanic is superb for image seleciton and sorting. On a fast machine, it’ll load 1500 images in seconds.

No I’ve never used Photomechanic RackKit. I’ve tried quite a few different image browsers, but always end up with the Nikon programmes for the first look at images, select, then edit in Photoshop. I find Nikon software is the only one to show the preview as I saw it in the camera and I know where to start from there. I find other programmes add or change something with the image. The problem with Nikon software is that it’s very slow and dated. Nothing is ever perfect.

Right. For that price you can get one half of a Super Lumina 5-pin DIN cable.

Or one Fraim Base.

Photomechanic is the very opposite of slow! It ‘might’ slightly change the image but it’s very minor in any case and you say you want to process your images as fast possible then you have nothing to lose in trying It out as there’s a 30 free day trial. It’s pretty much the industry standard programme for viewing and organising files.

Give it a try!

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