New Macmini with UnitiLite

Hi all, I’m hoping someone may have a creative solution here to a problem I’ve got.

I upgraded from a 2012 Mac mini to a 2023 Mac mini. The former had optical audio out, the latter does not.

I use Roon as my main streaming platform into my ND5XS2 in my main system. In may office system i directly connected the Mac mini optical to a UnitiLite so I could group systems in Roon.

Without the optical out on the Mac Mini 2023 I’ve got no way of sending digital audio to my UnitiLite.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I can overcome this on a budget. My office system is not one I’m keen to spend money on to upgrade. Analog audio out of the Mac mini is (as expected) terrible.

Many thanks!

Hi, the simplest solution is probably a USB to SPDIF converter. There are quite a few on the market at various prices, I suspect a relativelycheap one would be fine.

Alternatively, there are various workarounds to get Roon to work on a 1st gen streamer. Another option would be to get an old Airport Express, hook it up to the Unitilite optical input and use Airplay within Roon.

Hi, there are 2 obvious solutions; both available 2nd hand.
First is the original meridian explorer usb dac- this has optical output on one of the 2 sockets.
The second is the black hiface (don’t buy the orange one).

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This worked great for $15!

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