New MC cartridge

Greetings everyone,

I am currently in search of a new MC cartridge and have kind of narrowed down my options to two contenders: the Hana Red and the Lyra Kleos. While I have heard the Hana Red on a few occasions and enjoyed its presentation, I am curious if anyone here has experience with both cartridges. If you have any recommendations for other cartridges within a similar price range, please don’t hesitate to share. My vinyl source is a Brinkmann Bardo with a Brinkmann 10.5 tonearm and a Rönt II power supply into a Dartzeel CTH-8550.

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I have heard neither (but I have a Lyra Atlas and it is very special). However, in the same price range I would also look at Dynavector. They are really pretty big bang for the price. I have heard the lower end Hana MC at my dealer and was not all that impressed compared to the Dynavector sound (like a 20x2L for example). In the Hana/Lyra price range you mention Dynavector has some great cartridges to consider (XX2 MkII, 17DX Karat, Te Kaitora Rua).


There are so many good cartridges in this price range - without hearing them before hand it would be difficult to make such a purchase.

When I bought my $2,800 Ortofon Cadenza Black I really struggled with taking that leap of faith. I did find a Hong Kong seller that seriously discounted new high end carts and this made the decision a little easier.

I don’t know where you are located, but we have a well respected local audio sales shop that lists the Keos for much lower in price on his website: Galen Carol is the guy’s name and his website is gcaudio.
Good Luck!

If you phono preamp has the required gain I’d go for the Lyra Kleos SL. It’s a great performer! I always prefer low output carts.

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Got it, sorry. Won’t happen again. Thanks for the reminder.

Happy to recommend DV.

Been using them since the early 80’s, on my then LP12 with Rega R200 arm - :open_mouth:

(actually… they were called Ultimo when I got my first one…)


We chose the Hana Umami Red over a Dynavector TKR for our turntable.

However the decision could be reversed in a different turntable or with a different phono stage.

At this level, the system synergy between the tonearm, cartridge and phono stage is so critical and so sensitive that the arm-cartridge-phono combination is more important than any one of the component choices.

In summary, I couldn’t recommend any one cartridge in isolation. I recommend finding an excellent dealer and building a relationship with them instead. You will miss out on your cartridge discount but at least you’ll buy the right one…

Best regards, BF


I have the Kleos SL and it is a winner with the Superline-Supercap. Just need to check the gain on your Superline. You may have to call Lyra to find one in stock near where you are. The next step up the Lyra line is a big one. I may consider that step next.

If you considering the Etna, the SL version – like the Kleos SL – is optimal for the standard Superline. I have the Atlas Lambda SL with my Superline/SCDR and it is sublime. I’ve never heard a better sounding cartridge ever.

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I haven’t had the opportunity to listen to the other Hana cartridge models. While considering different options, Dynavector has also been on my radar and I have a friend who uses the Te Kaitora model. However the output level of the Te Kaitora is slightly lower than what the recommended output level is for the built-in phono preamp on my Dart. This is one of the reasons why the Hana Red and regular Kleos cartridges appear to be suitable choices for my setup on paper.

Because of the built in phono on my amp I need to be looking for 0,4mV / 0,5mV so the SL version is a on the low side.

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I recently came across a used Atlas cartridge that was sent back to the factory due to an error and was rebuilt to the Lambda version at a price of 5,2k EUR (still available). However this price initially exceeded my budget and I’m also concerned that the this level of cartridge may be too high for the built-in phono on my Dartzeel CTH-8550.

I still have my old Ultimo.

It was retired many years ago and looking a bit worse for wear!
I am still using DV (20X2L) and never really considered changing to another brand.


I have used 10X’s, since 1979 - which a 'break from '82 to 2001 with a Linn Asak and then Asaka, then returning to the 10X again (not the same one…).

I now run my 10X with 523 E boards, rather than the 522 N (which I did use and still own). Looking to swap my present 10X for a newer one… soon… :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have the same problem. Couldn’t go with the Kleos Lambda because my phono would struggle with the gain. So bought the Kleos standard. Very happy with it. Works very well with my Rega P10. Don’t know if it suits well the Brinkman arm. You should make some google research.

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If one has the standard Superline – which can handle lower outputs with its 64db gain – the SL versions of the Lyra are the way to go.


But then again… there are many great Step Up Transformers available to make any MM phono stage work with any low output cart you can think of. All without having to purchase an expensive new phonostage and power supply etc.

I have already a very good phono and pre. But as most tubes pre, they work best with MC > 0,4, 0,5 mv. I could effectively buy a good step, but better than the one I have inside the Ear 912 would cost me more than 2/3 k . And additional box. The Kleos standard is already very good, probably the best I can put on a Rega P10 turntable.

My Ortofon A90 (part of the original limited run of 400 units) is on its last legs. While I consider getting it sent back to Denmark for a rebuild (2,000 euros, ouch) I’m thinking of getting a Lyra Delos. I get quite a bit of hum when cranking up the volume as the Ortofon has a very low output so the healthy 0.6mv of the Delos should hopefully reduce some of that.

Does anyone know if Lyra cartridge play nice on a Rega RB300 arm? Despite its modest price the Rb300 on my Thorens TD-850 sounds sublime with the A90. I hope the Delos isn’t too much of a step-down.