New member of Naim forum

Hello everyone,

I’m following this forum during a few years now and I think it is time to become a member.

My wife and I are enthousiast of hifi in general. We just like music. We are from Belgium. We often visit hifishows with dealers in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany and of course the big shows. In the past we went a few times to Manchester (doesn’t exist anymore) and are now visiting the Bristol show since 2010. We also did visit Munich, Warsaw, Bonn. These shows expands our knowledge and let us discover new products, insights when speaking with people of R&D/sales, …

We have at home Naim since 2014. Before we had a Accuphase E450 with Marantz CD-player. We sold the CD-player and moved to a NDX with XPS DR and Unitiserve.
Last year we sold the Accuphase and bought a 252 with Supercap DR and 250DR.
Speakers are Phonar 5 EDMA-series (timbre like Vivid, Harbeth,…).

So in the future if I can contribute something to a discussion I will post it.

Al the best,


Welcome Bart. :facepunch:t3:

You are very welcome

Welcome to the mad house Bart.

Welcome, we are a friendly bunch

Welcome. That sounds like a very nice system.

Welcome to the forum Bart!

When you have a moment post a photo of you system in the ‘System Pics 2020’ thread…

Welcome to the community. Great system you have there also!

Welcome and please do start pitching in. Another voice adds to the community here.


Great to have you and your wife on board as hifi enthusiasts!
It’s nice that after visiting for a few years you have joined us

Was not aware that Manchester didn’t exist any more!!! (Probably a blessing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

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Most welcome.

Manchester is still here :grinning:



If you’d joined on Sunday night, I would have been suspicious but then your first post would have been in the padded cell. :wink:

Welcome aboard.

Welcome and Enjoy !!!

Hello Bart. Welcome. Curious about your speakers. Have never heard if them; are they popular on the continent? A quick Google search produces little in English.

Welcome Bart1 !!!

Welcome Bart1. Good to have you with us.

Welcome to the madhouse!

Welcome aboard.

Welcome to the forum