New member of Naim forum

Welcome Bart, looks like you have a great system.
There are also some interesting threads in ‘padded cell’ such as ‘which wine are you drinking’, where I feature a little too often!


Welcome to the forum, Bart1

Welcome Bart1 :+1:

Welcome to the Naim Forum Bart, hope you brought your wallet. Lol.
These threads have a way of enticing one into upgrading …

welcome @Bart1. Great system ! I am also from Belgium. A pity we have so little decent Hifi shows in our little country. Cheers, Iver

Welcome, always great to have new members.



Welcome Bart good to have you join us, anything you want to know just ask.

Welcome to the forum, Bart.

Things here sometimes get a wee bit too serious for their own good, but we’re generally a decent bunch of folks, and here to help, if we can.

Warm welcome. Looking forward to your contributions. Great system BTW

Very welcome Bart1,what a system!

Welcome ! We will quickly enjoy to spend your money. Be aware !
Just a french bad joke…perhaps not only french. :laughing:

Wellcome Bart :tumbler_glass:

Welcome @Bart1, I’m somewhat new here too. Can’t say enough good things about folks here and vast number of topics. Beware this forum can be addictive and may result in upgrade itch! :joy:


Hello all,
Thank you for the warm welcome.
Concerning a picture of my system: it is for the moment all in boxes because I am waiting for a new rack. I ordered a Quadraspire SV3T Bamboo with bronze upgrade. When its s all installed by my dealer I will post a picture.
I can post a picture of my speakers.
Greatings to all,


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