New member question- Naim App issues

Hello everyone,
First post. Allow me to give you a little background. 20-odd years ago I got a little bonus from work and I decided to treat myself to a nice hifi and came away with an Arcam Alpha amp and CD but as part of the listening process I asked if spending 2 or 3 times the money would really make a difference. The demo company kindly dug out some upper range kit and let me have a listen. I heard bits of the CD (Quincy Jones, Back On The Block for those who like a bit of detail) that I’d never heard before and so, all that time ago I decided I would one day own at least one bit of kit from the manufacturer I’d heard- Naim. FFWD to now and I’ve got a Mu-So Qb and a Uniti Star. Lovely.

Now, I rip my CDs and upload them to a WD cloud device running on the home network but when I use the app it’s coming unstuck a bit. I have all the FLAC rips in one folder, with artist and album below that, and older MP3s in another, with similar sub folders. If I search By Folder, I get FLAC only track listings in alphabetical order which just plays everything out of order from the original, and if I go by any other way, the app picks up both versions of an album and gives me duplicate tracks, one FLAC, one WAV, for all tracks on the album. No doubt it’s been discussed here before but I can’t find it so if anyone could help me get round those niggly issues I’d be hugely grateful!

The WDs are pretty poor. I’d suggest getting a decent Nas such as a Qnap or Synology and running Asset as your upnp server. You then simply point the server at the location of your flac files and it will work as you want. Maybe you can do this in the config of the WD, I’m not sure.

Is DLNA enabled on your WD?

The WD NAS doesn’t have a great reputation as a music server, and a tried and tested QNAP or Synology running Asset would almost certainly do a better job. However, your Star has its own server built in, so a simpler solution would be to copy your music to a USB drive (you should probably be doing this already if you have a backup strategy) and connect it to one of the Star USB ports.
Then look in the Server input (NOT USB!) and you should see the music files listed there under Local Music.
Hopefully this will give you a better browsing experience.

Have you got a WAV and FLAC file of every album/track? If so, delete all of your WAV files and just use your FLAC.
Hopefully your metadata is in order.
You can then select from album/artist in the app.

Thank you for the reply. I can’t recall why I chose WD, I’ll investigate the options on configuring the WD, that’s definitely the preferred route!

thanks for the reply Simon, I will check (i.e. find out what that is, and then I will check!)

thank you, as per the post above, WD gets another kicking! I will do some more investigation around it and see what I can find.

Thank you for the reply. Not quite everything. I had a merry time ripping all my old CDs after we moved house and I bought the Uniti. I have the MP3- not wav- files for use in the car mainly as I don’t think that Audi MMI can (or at least could) handle FLAC, but that’s another rabbit warren to find an answer to!

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