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Hi, I currently have a 42.5/110 high cap chrome bumper combination.
I am considering pushing the boat out and buying my dream amp/speakers ( Nap250 chrome bumper and Linn Isobarik speakers.
1: can I use the leads from my existing to connect if offered one with only a power lead?
2: although I know the Linns work far better with an active setup, would it be a reasonable upgrade from my 110 and current Credo speakers.
Thanks in advance, Colin.

Welcome to the forum Colin.

The NAP250 needs a DIN4-XLR lead. It would normally come with one as standard, although you can still buy replacements from Naim. You could connect your NAC42.5 to your HICAP via SNAIC5 as you presumably do currently, and then take the pre-amp signal out of the HICAP to the NAP250 via the DIN4-XLR lead. If your SNAIC5 is an older grey type then it’s very worthwhile upgrading to the later improved black one. Be sure to only use genuine Naim SNAIC here - lots of fakes and poor/cheap substitutes around. See the FAQ on here for Identification guidance.

The NAP110 is a lovely thing indeed, but with Isobariks a NAP250 is a much better bet. All else will be down to condition of amp and speakers, service history etc… Note that because it’s a regulated power amp, servicing every 8-10 years is a MUST with a NAP250 and performance can drop off considerably beyond that time frame.


Servicing should be considered - if not already done - on kit of this age…

8 to 10 years is Naim’s recommendation.

Thanks so much for your expertise.
It has already saved me from a possible mistake, as I was looking at a Nap 250 that although is listed as all original at £925 has no service history, but now feel I might be able to get one that has been recently serviced for not a lot more.
Thanks all, Colin.


Sorry, one more quick question.
Would my Nap110 be safe to use with the Isobarik’s, if I was to find those first, be it was only while I saved for the amplifier.
Thanks, Colin.

It wouldn’t be my normal recommendation but the NAP110 will probably be just fine driving the Isobariks temporarily, so long as you don’t push things too far with the volume knob. It’s a great little power amp.

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Thanks, that’s handy to know.
Am I being realistic in thinking I could purchase a half decent Nap 250 for about £1,000?

I’m not so up on current prices but I’m sure that’s a possibility. Just bear the servicing requirements (and cost) in mind.


You can always get it serviced by Naim via your dealer or Class A Audio (slightly cheaper), which will make it like new.


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That’s about right for an olive 250 serviced in the last 4 or 5years imho, with cables and the proper box.


Yup. I would agree… :slightly_smiling_face:

I really wanted a chrome bumper one to match my hi cap and 42.5 are they a similar price?
Thanks, Colin.

I would guess so. Having said that the CB NAP250 has an iconic look to it so you may be paying a small premium for that. Note that in 1984 the transformer went from a 400VA to 500VA item (same as the NAP135). Here are some pictures to whet your appetite…


I am happy to be corrected, but I think the recommended service period was shorter on Chrome Bumper amps, though all were good for over a decade of vigorous use.

I also prefer the sound of the olive 250s (or the much more recent DR models) and not just because I found them a tad more forgiving than the old CB versions. However, that will be very subjective and will depend on your room, your system and your tastes.

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8-10 years for Chrome Bumper and Olive

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Thanks Richard.

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AFAIK… there is very little difference between a late CB 250 and an early Olive one… :thinking:

(mine is an '85 CB 250, ‘re-shelled’ in 2003 as an Olive… Now that’s confusing…!!)

I am sure you are right there. Mind you, for the actual question, I suspect I have led us down a blind-alley labelled ‘small differences’.


I try to ignore such differences… I have 2 HiCaps (powering my 82) which are… similar… but not identical. One is another '85 CB-to-Olive conversion, the other is a slightly later (1990) all Olive. But… both have the H&F Transformer. So… close enough for me…!!

I am though pretty sure that an early CB 250 would be ‘different’ to a late Olive one… :astonished:

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Thanks for all your replies.
I am a bit sad and would like them to match the look of my existing equipment.
I am not sure if my other reply came through, but it was to ask if there is a marketplace/buy and sell option on this site.
Loved the pictures by the way!