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I’m new here although not new to audio. I’ve put together a new system and I’m happy with everything except my amp. I’ve got a Wired For Sound (W4S) modded Sonos ZP90, Chord Qutest, REL T7i, Dynaudio Special 40. Amp is a Rega Elicit R. I’m not sure the Rega has the Current Capability to drive the Dynaudio’s as well as they could be. To add to my difficulty the amp Has To sit in a cabinet with 16 inches of maximum depth. So I need an amp no deeper than about 13 inches or so. I’m considering the Super Nait 2. Oh and the room (kitchen/family room) is pretty big 20x40 but I sit at one end. Thanks all for your thoughts.

Best is to demo one and see if it works for you.
Naim delers will / should lon one for a home demo.

Yes I do have a local dealer who sells both Naim and Dynaudio. I’ll have to go have a listen

Welcome Rick - some thoughts, should you not have considered already(?):

1- As already said a home demo/trial period is essential. Naim amps take a few days to warm up - don’t be rushed (unless you’re immediately bowled over :grinning: - you well could be) - a SN2 is a might fine bit of kit and (as it seems you’re aware) punches well above its stated 80w PC output (8ohms). I’ve always found Dyn’s thrive on more current, especially in bass management.
2- re the cabinet depth (is it open at the rear?), make sure you check out the SN2 at the dealer to ensure rear cabling depth is OK, especially the mains and speaker cabling (I think should be OK), noting Naim also favour DIN interconnects. I’m unclear what cables you are using now - see the link from the FAQ on Naim’s advocated speaker cable (NACA5). The amp speaker cable rear connecters come with the amp.

NACA5 cable is designed to be ‘fast’ but this does (to my ears) come at the expense of some detailing when compared to alternatives, noting the Rega amp you have is described as being ‘detailed’ - but other cables can bring their own vices (muddy bass, remove the speed et al). Again, a dealer should be able to help out, as NACA5 is really all part of the package as a ‘starter for ten’ - the dealer should do the soldering up of the terminals as required, if this is the route you chose. It’s quite a stiff cable, if you need to get it around some tight turns, a hairdryer helps!

Happy hunting.

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Best is to ask your dealer for a home demo afterwards.

Thanks for the reply Mr.Happy… The cabinet has doors which are usually closed, and the back is also closed but of course I leave the doors open when playing music. I have a total of 16.5 inches depth or in that funny metric scale 419mm, I have about 304mm above and about 100mm on either side. The Rega Elicit R is 325mm deep the Naim is actually little shallower at 314mm… Cables I use are:

Power Cord for the amp is a Shunyata Research Delta EF for the Amp. Stock wallwart on my Chord Qutest. Speaker cables are DH Labs Q10 Signature . This is a rather straight forward 2×12 awg and 2×14 awg pure silver-coated Continuous CrystalTM copper as a four conductor multiple gauge array, all Teflon dialectic. I picked this because I needed to kind of hide it under my carpet, and it was the largest gauge wire I could sneak around in front of the fireplace; cable is terminated as a shotgun making it an effective 10 gauge. Interconnect are Audience AU24 SX from Dac to Amp, Digital Coax is a Black Cat Audio Digit from my modified Sonos ZP90 to the Chord Dac also a Shunyata Venom 14 for the Sonos. Additionally I have a Shunyata Venon HC on my REL T7i and a REL BaseLine Blue for the line level connection to amp. Everything is plugged into an AudioQuest Niagara 1000 power line conditioner, which uses an AudioQuest Hurricane HC to the wall…

Rick - I wish you well with the auditioning of the SN2. From your words above:

1- I would make sure you mention the details to your dealer - being in the UK, cabling brands/specs and power supply aspects are (obviously) different to what we (as a market) use/encounter.
2- the technical specs of the speaker cable is one area of focus, hence why I mentioned it. As you’ll have seen from the link I inserted, Naim amps to perform optimally prefer low capacitance, moderate/high inductance cables. I cannot find the tech specs of the Q10 cables on-line. Some of the review commentary indicates it is a ‘fast’ cable, which suggests it could be a good match.

Naim’s NACA5 cable is 2 x 4mm(squared) whereas, as best I can convert, the Q10 is slightly over 5mm(squared). The installation issue with the NACA is the sheathing, which is quite stiff.

3- FYI, in the UK, the general approach is to use Naim amps/kit without power conditioners - bearing in mind Naim amps/kit performs best when left switched on all the time, due to the sizeable transformers inside the amps.

I’m sure a chat with your dealer will highlight any matters which might require thought.

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