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Hi all.

I have a situation where my internal drive in the Core is almost full and I no longer wish to rip to it.

When I select “no longer use as a store” for this drive I no longer see the music to play.

I simply would like rip to another local usb drive, but be able to play as normal from the old drive.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance

You can have one Music Store, so you make your USB drive the Music Store in settings. In order to be able to see the music on the old store, you just have to add it as a Music Share, again in settings.




Hi David, thanks for your response.

My situation looks like this.

How do I activate the shared function as you mentioned. (Not sure what I enter into the fields, if anything).

So in the music store screen, select the one you want to be the music store (the USB). Accept making it the active store of course (I forget whether you are asked this or not).

Then go to configure music shares and go to the very bottom button “share scanning” and in that screen you should see your internal disc offered as a share. Select it and ok etc. You don’t need to touch the share settings at all.



Thanks again.

I can see that the old drive exists in another screen, but the share scanning screen and hitting ok gives this result.

Hmm. It shouldn’t say no drives found. Perhaps you need to go back to square one and tell it to no longer use the internal disc as a store, it can’t be a store and a share!


Funny thing is when I select do not use as a Music Store, it still says it’s a Music Store in the View all drives screen. (The new usb drive says “Music Store” as well).

I’ve tried rebooting (and disconnecting from the mains) as a remedy.

Do you think the Reset App function may be of use?

You could try but I don’t think it would help. But I might well be wrong.

I think you can’t stop it being a music store but it shouldn’t be the active music store obvs. So I’m not surprised you get two stores showing up in select music store. I wonder whether you should select both as a store but only one as active. I haven’t actually done any of this myself.

You may have to resort to ringing (not email I suggest) Naim Support.

Of course the proper way to do this, which I know does work as I did it recently, is to backup your present music store to a USB disc, install a new larger internal SSD/HDD and “restore” the music store from your backup.

Anyway, do let me know if the app reset helps and I will also think what else you might try.



You’re right Resetting the App, did not help…

Thanks for the tip on the idea of getting a larger drive and restoring from there, etc. As I just bought this USB drive, I’ll try a bit more to see if I can make it all work in this configuration.

I live in the States, and unfortunately a direct phone number no longer exists as it had in the past.

Thanks for all your help and prompt responses!


Well I don’t know how quickly the US support team respond to email enquiries. Maybe they are fast responders over there…

I’ve made a few inquiries via email, and they always have gotten back to me, but it usually takes a few weeks!


The best way to do this is to back up what you have and get a bigger internal drive and reload it.
The plug in USB drives aren’t really designed for this application.

Thanks David and HiFiFoFum for your responses.

Last night I was working on getting the usb drive to accept new rips from the Core, and finally had success.

But now I better appreciate the easier way is the method you both mentioned in your posts.

So l have time to return the usb and will probably get a 2 tb internal type.


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