New MuSo 2 hdmi issues

Hello All,

I bought a MuSo 2 three days ago to use as a music listening device, as well as a soundbar for my television (LG WebOS OLED 55B7P running 05.80.55 firmware. Initially, I was so very pleased with the sound. Particularly Hi-Res Jazz via Qobuz. I watched a movie through HDMI ARC and was equally impressed, specifically the lack of intensely loud parts of the movie followed by quieter parts that I’d previously needed to adjust the volume with my old soundbar. I was happy.

Then, on day 3 the sound when watching television ceased. The tv was using its own sad speakers. I checked my settings on the tv audio out menu, and all were as they were set initially.

I have consulted the community and see HDMI connectivity problems are not an uncommon issue. I tried many of the suggestions I read about: disconnecting power to MuSo & TV wait 2 minutes; hard reboot and factory reset of TV; tried optical connection (no sound, did not work); Bluetooth worked but had lips sync issues (not correctable via app); and a few other tricks—still no sound.

I am considering and bought an optical to mini toslink wire (not sure if there is a toslink?)

The sound output is and was set to PCM. It worked, now doesn’t.

Any advice would help and be appreciated. I have reached out to Naim.

If it were me and I was getting these sorts of issues after 3 days then I would box it up take it back to where it was purchased from and demand a refund on the grounds that it is clearly faulty. Once you have your refund then you can decide whether to purchase another one or take another route. You say that you have read that HDMI connectivity problems are not uncommon - well that doesn’t bode well for a satisfactory outcome long term does it?

Really these sorts of issues are unacceptable in any product, and doubly so when you have paid for a premium one-box solution as you have.

I would be extremely disappointed and angry.

It’s may be that the complex HDMI hand-shaking has got out of sync between the two devices - it’s a constant bug bear with all HDMI connected kit (thank the lawyers). Have you tried power cycling the TV and Mu-So?

It makes me recall all the problems I had with my DVD5 and AV2 way back. I’ve never experienced any such issues with either DVD or Blu ray players from the likes of Sony or Pioneer, which have always worked perfectly with any TV I connected them to. If these guys can get it right then why can’t Naim?


Thanks for the reply (everyone). By cycling the power you mean turning the MuSo and TV off & disconnecting the power cords for 2 mins, then yes, I did.

I am very hesitant to hard reset (reset button) the MuSo as I see people having trouble with that here in the community. Also, it’s too early in the life of ownership of an expensive all in one for heroic measures. Thoughts?

Ok then best try Naim support snd see what they think.

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