New MuSo 2; QB 2 glitches?

Finally got my 2 new QB 2’s and 1 Mu-so 2 delivered today to replace my Sonos units and add to my Nova & Atom systems.

First set up the Mu-So 2 without any issues at all. It is hardwired to my router in my living room. I was able to find the speaker in Roon under “Roon Ready” devices and enable it, and play it from Roon. In the Naim app, I can select the Multi Room and add it to the Nova or Atom. Everything works great.

Set up the first QB 2 in the kitchen… this is NOT hardwired, so I set it up wireless. I did notice as the app was going through the setup it mentioned “Setting up Airplay device, etc” which I thought was strange.

Anyway going into Roon after the Kitchen device showed up in the Naim app - the QB 2 is ONLY listed as an “Airplay Device” in Roon. It is not listed as a Roon Enabled device at all. It DOES play directly from the Naim app.

Multiroom: When I go into the Naim app, with the MuSo 2 as the “master” device, I can select the Kitchen QB 2 to group, but there is NO sound coming out of the QB 2 when it is grouped. Sliding the volume on the QB 2 in the app does correspond with the volume indicator moving up and down on the actual QB 2 indicator but no sound comes out so it seems to be a streaming issue?

When I select the Kitchen QB as the “master” device the MuSo 2 no longer shows up as an option to group in multi room, only the Nova and Atom.

Would love some ideas if possible? Seems like maybe a glitch during the initial firmware update or something?

My main purpose behind using the QB/MuSo’s instead of Sonos was to use them all in Roon as Roon-Ready devices/Zones with the Nova & Atom. So the multi room grouping in the Naim app isn’t a big deal but if the QB 2 won’t show up as Roon Ready in Roon then it’s pretty useless.


Hi, given its portability, could you temporarily wire it to your router and try via roon again? Another option would be to do a factory reset and repeat the setup from scratch.

OK well I think I have got this sorted out…

It does seem that there are some issues between the Roon app and the Naim app as far as releasing control of the units. When I was trying to locate the QB in Roon, it was somehow not showing up because I had been using it in the Naim app. Conversely, the MuSo 2 was not showing up in the Naim app as being “multi room” because I had just been using it in Roon.

I remembered I had this same issue with my Nova after the recent Qobuz update when trying to compare audio quality between the Roon app and the Naim app - I could not get one or the other to play nice together without rebooting everything.

Bottom line is I did a hard reset with the pin in the back of the units and rebooted my Roon Core and brought everything back up, then started working directly in Roon and both components were available and accessible there.

So no more using the Naim app for me - grouping will be done within Roon from now on.

I’m guessing you have done initial setup on each device? Wireless setup - I had a problem on 5ghz networks not finishing the setup process if they contained special characters in the SSID. I ended doing the Mu-so 2 initial setup on a 2.4ghz network.

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