New Muso 2 vs old Muso

Has anyone bought the new Muso 2 and has had (or compared to) the old Muso ? Is it worth the extra ? It must be doing well because as soon as John Lewis has some in stock within a day or 2 they are gone.

I listened to one briefly at the dealers last week, its definitely better than my original muso, better soundstage, hi, mid and bass. I personally am not interested, was just curious, and was in the dealer for other reasons. Worth a demo if you are in that market.

After launcho Online JL had around 7 in stock, so hardly sales, but @Gazza and @BertBird have both actually listened and rate it.

Once the Munich show had closed, I managed to have a play and listen to one of the Mu-So 2s while we were packing everything up and taking down the stand. I have to say I was very impressed. It really does sound bigger, more assertive and more authoritative than I recall of the original. Considering how great the original sounds, the improvement here is particularly impressive, so well done to all involved in development.

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I agree with you Richard. The new Muso is really a big step forward. And will be attractive for anybody who is interested in hearing music in the best quality in all kind of listening scenarios. I am sure the critics on the forum will silence once they heard the new Muso.

i’m not sure “oxymoron” is the correct term, but you know what I mean :sunglasses:

Hi, When I had a brief listen to the Muso 2 it didn’t seem obviously better than my Muso 1, that’s probably down to the fact that I changed the mains lead to a Nordost purple flare, and have it supported on stainless steel feet - the effect of the mains leads was to make it sound more open, bigger and detailed. The feet further tightened and added more detail to the sound. So even though I have my Muso with its back to the wall, I prefer the open space equalisation setting as I can enjoy the increased bass of this setting without it sounding bloated and muddy as it did before I made the changes. All bought on eBay bringing the total cost of my Muso to just over a £1000.
At the time some Muso owners commented on this forum that such tweeking was too costly on such a ‘cheap’ system, maybe they will have a rethink of their opinions now that Naim have spent even more on ‘tweeking’ to produce a better sounding Muso 2.
So I think current Muso owners could, with a bit of experimentation get very close if not equal to, the Muso 2 sound for a couple of hundred pounds. Clearly they will not get the improved functionality, but then they still have the slightly more compact shape, which I find more elegant that the Muso 2.
I totally accept that my opinion on the sound is based on a short listen and could change after a longer listen.
Best wishes Amer


So it makes you wonder what those tweaks (for you) would sound like on the Muso 2.

Mainly well over a £1000 more expensive to implement! But totally accept Super that it would, depending on taste, sound better. Best wishes Amer

Hi Super, on reflection, without trying the 2 for a while in my house, I’m can’t say if my tweeks would sound better on the 2. I’m reminded of my experience changing from the Olive 250 to black 250. I preferred the sound of the olive with Sonic Link mains lead, but preferred the black with the standard Naim one. Who knows, R&D people at Naim may well listen to the tweeks users implement and then develop the next model to incorporate and further improve the sound over what the tweeks delivered! Best wishes Amer

was hoping to see / hear the muso 2 without a trip to the dealer. At one time apple store was selling the muso on-line. They were also selling in the brick and mortar apple stores,but did cut back. However, my nearest store doesn’t have either , and apple no longer shows it on-line. Has it been dropped by apple ?

Probably now they have their own speaker

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