New NAC 272, 8 month storage

Happy New Year Everyone.

Probably a silly question but why not ask for piece of mind.

Bought a new NAC 272 at a good price but wont be using it for possibly 8 months. I was thinking that my place is kind of cold and maybe damp during the winter. I thinking of adding some extra desiccant to the box to protect it while I store it. Am I being silly or should I go right ahead?

Maybe heat your place sufficiently – not primarily for the 272 but your health.

Yes, I’d put yourself before the 272. Living in damp conditions is not good for you. Think of how much heat you could have for the price of a bit of hifi. If using desiccant makes you happy then go for it.

All the above, but can you find a friend or family keep it in their place nice and cozy?

Would plugging it in with nothing connected to it be an option? But you should really be heating the place for your own health!

Take it to bed with you and keep it cosy and warm.

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Thanks for the concern and laugh :slight_smile:

Regarding the heat. Tell that to the cheap builders that decided way before me not to insulate the walls or roof cavity to the point that my thermostat is pointless. Cowboys!!!

Haha. I do heat the place when I am there obviously. Anyway, it seems you have no concerns for the unit for 2-3 months of winter storage.

What would my lady friend and cat say :slight_smile: They may leave me or say is it the 272 or us!

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If you are a proper Naim fan you know the answer to that!

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Congratulations with the 272, it’s a great piece of kit!

Thanks. Looking forward to listening to it later down the road.

Consider where you’ll be leaving it - if well packaged and boxed I suspect it’ll be ok even if the box suffers from getting a bit soft. If it’s out in an area in daily use and reasonably well heated it’ll probably be ok, but beware damp/draughty areas/locations.

I have a lot of stuff to declutter but have not had time due to family matters.

We’d put a lot of this stuff in another room which has always been draughty from the suspended floor and has a tendency to have high humidity in the winter, it’s even worse with wood flooring as there used to be carpet but the edges got discoloured where air would come up into the room from below under the skirting.

I started moving things in there the other day and realised I’d made the mistake of putting certain things against walls with little or no air circulation and there were patches of mold on the wall. I was also rather annoyed to find an AV amp I’d left on the floor, out of the box ‘protected’ by ‘stuff’ which had green mold on the volume knob. The fact is those things were only meant to be there for a couple of weeks at most but it had been much longer - sometimes work/family commitments derail you from attending to things which do not need to be done immediately.

I think I need to hire a skip.

I always put boxes of gear in storage by putting them in a big bin liner and thoroughly sealing it with packing or gaffer tape. A single newspaper slipped in will absorb any internal condensation.

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I would use silica gel instead of newspaper. If it warms up, newspaper might release the moisture whereas silica gel will retain it.

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Thanks for the good advice.

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