New NAC N272s

Hi, I was interested to understand if there are still new NAC N272s available in the supply chain or from Naim (via a dealer order).

I’m aware there are a number ex-demo (my excellent dealer has one I nearly bought - was a close call with a new NAP250…the 250 won!) and second hand units available, however for some personal reasons (fully accepting the cost differences) I prefer to source new where I can… just personal preference


I believe they can still be ordered, but best check with your dealer. Do bear in mind that a replacement is likely to appear soonish, with better functionality and very likely better sound. I sold my 2015 model last December for £1,300, so I’d urge you to get a used or ex dem model, despite your inclination to get a new one.

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Totally get that commercially it’s to only sensible thing to do…however, just like some people like a new car, I do prefer new Hifi when I can (it’s an ocd thing) - just trying to find a balance, particularly with it having been discontinued. If there is a new one in the supply chain I would of course be happy to pay a premium over an ex-dem but not full rrp

I guess a lot depends on whether you’d be happy to keep the 272 for a good few years. If you think you might want the new version when it appears, buying anything other than a cheap used one is a bit daft.

Indeed, however I’m sure you can appreciate we’re all entitled to a bit of daftness :grinning:


There were some absolutely excellent deals to be had late 2020, new 272 boxes for under 50% RRP as dealers flushed out discontinued stock. I bought ours brand new for less than 2019/2020 models are currently being listed for on a favourite auction site. Don’t know if dealers have any left, but definitely worth checking around.

For the price I was prepared to take a gamble since our future likely holds a 282/NDX2 and I would be able to move the 272 on for only a minor loss. Started down that route by ordering an XPS DR from local dealer, which will eventually power NDX2. In the meantime system built around 272 sounds awesome!

I’m actually thinking we might keep the 272 by adding a used 200 to replace our Superuniti office system. 95% of listening is streaming from local NAS, and any future technical glitches with internet radio formats can be worked around (I’m quite techy!).

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Wild guess or based on a statement?

Fully agree. As a 272 user, I am happy with its agility - a preamp, streamer- tidal & Spotify ready, Bluetooth, digital/USB inputs. Haven’t said that, you have to live with its hardware unless you willing to invest further on PSU - even an aged XPS easily cost you 1.2k up. The end of day, I am still prefer my CDX2 which is more analogue in a sense. My 2 cents.

Funny I had a 272 with a XPS 2Dr then a 555 dr
Sold the 272 then after 8 months really missed it so I ordered a new 272
A new model I’m sure is in the works but the 272 with a 555 Dr is just one of those combos that’s super fun to listen to ( my room my set up rules apply ) so I understand where the OP is coming from.
The alarm function which I always questioned at first really was missed after I put in 252 super cap dr NDX2 - 555 Dr.

Huh, my N272 has an… alarm function? I really should start reading the user manuals… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve now set the alarm to alert me when the N273 is released.


My concern would be if it was omitted if Naim do replace the 272

The alarm function is great once you start using it.

But then I’d have to sleep on my living room sofa.

Lol not if you set the volume to 100 %


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