New nac required

Interesting, Richard, was there a reason for omitting a mono switch on the 72?

(Although whether there was a need for a mono switch might be debatable. I don’t recall ever pressing the mono button on my 52 in more than 30 years, nor can I think when I would have cause to.)

No idea why. I find a mono switch useful and use it regularly for mono lps, also for setting up recorders.

I always press the mono button on the tape input row along with the mute whenever I switch on the 52PS. The mute I get but the Mono I don’t. Just habit I suppose.

If you want to compare channels, a mono switch is invaluable. I suppose a mono recording would substitute though.

Can’t say I’ve ever thought about using or needing a mono switch. Just odd that 72 didn’t have it, yet later nacs did.
The one on my 282 is only ever pressed when I mean to hit the mute.

Dis you check Tom tom’s stock, in NAC’s…?
They have what you want - with choice…!!

Useful for playing old mono records that were originally cut for a mono cartridge.

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I’m homing in a couple of 72s as we speak. Early one with two sets of bncs plus 328? cards and phono cards for mm.
My other 72s have always had just one set of bncs, but two could be usefull.
I tend to get any olive gear serviced straight away unless i have evidance of no recent service. Ill get the links remade. And bncs changed to rcas.

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Yup. 328’s are the so-called V cards - line in, variable sensitivity. My early 72 had those on the 2nd BNC inputs. 3xx Phono boards were on the 1st pair (323 K boards, actually).

The V’s will ‘tame’ a CD player -and can ‘match’ it with the Phono. Like using E Phono boards, but backwards…

(My present 72 is a later CD input one, with just 1 set of BNC’s. )

PS. I like the BNC’s… :crazy_face:

My intention is to use this 72 in a much simplier set up. And, this will be my 3rd 72. The previous 2 have been later models with a din CD input in place of the bnc V/328 setup.
The plan is to use this with just a streamer. ( exact streamer to be decided). Until streamer is decided, I’ll be using a simple Bluetooth thingy to pipe qobuz/spotify from phone or ipad. When previously done, i was surprised how well it sounded.
Daughter is having the 72+ E cards and P6 + 10X5 and 140. - Im keeping the hicap!

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You sure about that…?? Or are you going to buy her one… :crazy_face:

Well…only if i can find a cheap one. And even then it will need a service and even at ClassA that means £200? Those bigs caps are not cheap.
I listened to the 72/140 and forgot how good it sounds without the hicap.
Plus, more importantly, gives me a way in to rebuild the second system.

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To close this out.
Got myself an early 72 at decent money. The type with two din inputs complete with a set of 322/4 cards and the 328 cards for the aux din.
Given its serial number it is towards the end when naim were putting in 328 cards.
Given that it is 31 years old the plan will be to get it serviced, although I’ll listen to it for a couple of weeks.
Naim have already told me it has been serviced once, but that was in 2003. My 250 although a youngster at 20 years old also was serviced 9 years ago. I did wonder why it was sounding so good!


Did you mean 2 sets of BNC inputs…? Thats what earlier 72’s had… :grimacing:

Thats the one. " aux" rather than “cd”.
2 sets of bnc, soon to become rca inputs.

:astonished: :face_with_spiral_eyes: :frowning_face:

The RCA ‘Phono’ plug was designed for use with DC power. It was never intended for ‘Phono’ use.

Yep, disconnecting the earth first on a phono stage isn’t the best plan! :astonished:

I wanted to retain my BNCs but the Linn T-Kable is too big so my 82 had to be converted to RCA, as did my 52 that replaced the 82.

I frequently use the mono switch when listening to early ‘60s ‘stereo’ records such as the Beatles, where the vocals were on one side with instruments largely on the other. It makes for a much more sensible listening experience.

I know, i know. But, every TT ive ever had is terminated in rcas. But i do keep the original bncs connectors just in case…

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My Linn Ittok’s lead was changed to BNC’s, as was my NAC42. It was considered an upgrade, back in the day… :expressionless:

Each of my subsequent NAC’s (72, 102, 72, 82) has had BNC inputs.

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