New NAC282 question

For those of you experienced with the NAC282…Although supposedly not fully run-in yet, the NAC282 is much too bright and steely for normal music playback. It’s extremely difficult to listen to.

My question: is this just the way it is and will be with this preamplifier? Unfortunately I prefer a balanced sound and not the excessive high frequency exaggeration as I’m getting now. Kind of curious how anybody could actually enjoy this type of sound.

I understand that run-in after days/weeks/months and probably years may have an effect but the gap here is so large that I don’t foresee any miracles occuring?


Something doesn’t sound right here - that doesn’t sound like a 282 to me. A bit more info on system setup (how do you have it stacked etc) would be good. Is it just the 282 you have changed ?

I found it too bright with my Sopras but not unpleasantly so. Much nicer with my Nova 2s.
Ultimately though the change to the 252 was telling.
That being said the 282 was very nice and I would have been happy to stick with it if a very good deal hadn’t come along. They are quite forward…unpleasant? Not in the way you have described. Far from it.

Not sure what you mean by ‘supposedly not yet run in’.

What have you done to let it run itself in? Have you had the system playing constantly for three or four weeks? That’s what it needs.

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Difficult to say. Focals are on the brighter side and if your personal taste is something more mellow and you previously had a mellow preamp, it may have balanced out to your liking. The 282 is Naim’s most forward sounding preamp.

I remember when I was running in both a 282 and a new pair of PMCs at the same time. That was rough going for about 3 months. I mostly attributed this to the speakers though and until run in, using the cloth grilles was the only way to have an acceptable sound. When both had run in, the harshness came off and so did the grilles.

You have described my experience too of home demoing a 282 ( the shop’s display model) a few years back. Suffice to say, I did not purchase it.

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:+1: That’s the way I like it with Harbeth speakers.

What are your power amp and speaker? Cables? Power distributor?

Hello, no there’s a new 250 and HCDR as well but again, the gap between acceptable and unacceptable appears to be quite large for the moment…

All the Naim electronics are running with music 24/7 and today is the 4th day. I fully agree on properly running-in new equipment but I do not think a 180° turnaround is going to happen. Anyway, what’s another expensive error in the grand scheme of things?

Ah ok - if all new kit then just give it some time to settle in. Don’t start worrying yet :+1:


A relevant question might be what were you using before?

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I am assuming the OP did listen to their new Naim units, during a dem at a Naim dealer…?

If so - I am surprised that the OP is surprised… :thinking:

Guess the OP is new to Naim…?

Gosh yes. If burning on both at the same time then the first 1 month are just difficult. You’re unlikely to be able to sit and do serious listening. Honestly, with Naim it takes 2-3 months for amps to bed in. There’s a massive change that takes place over this time.

I ran a 282 with focals, though a lower spec than yours, and found it too bright via a 250dr. I figured the focals had reached their limit and moved them on but they were not as bad as you are suggesting and that sounds like something different

Notwithstanding the fact that Focal speakers are perceived as bright by some (I, myself, ran 282/HCDR/250DR with a pair of Focal Elektra 1028Be for some years quite happily), it’s probably a bit early to make a judgement. The 282/HCDR/250DR combination is a classic combination - forward but not bright in my experience.

You may, in due course, find that they are revealing the source (a bare ND5XS2 ?) as a weak point, with your level of amplification and speakers.

FYI - I moved the Focal’s on because those Beryllium tweeters are incompatible with young grandchildren.

Those cables appear to be silver, it has somewhat of a reputation for brightness and though it might be just the thing with a valve amp of limited extension may not be the best match for a 282/hi/250 with Focals on the end. Do you have them throughout or where? Try the cables that came in the boxes.

If the rack you have the system on has a steel frame that is another possible source of brightness, though it wasn’t that apparent until I replaced my CD5x with a CDX2.
Whatever the rack it’s better if cables don’t touch it, particularly power cables, the interconnects and Snaics should hang as free as possible.

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Thank you all for your responses/advice.

Look at the users profile, he does have information listed… single click on users icon will display profile.

No, they are pure copper. They are used by Focal in Saint Etienne and they can be seen now at this very instant in Lyon and In Nice at the Focal powered by Naim stores connecting Naim amplification to Focal speakers. The WH Phantom and the HiLine both sound much worse. I obviously did the test.
Anyway, we’re so incredibly far off base here I’m attempting to negotiate with the dealer (FPBN) who only sells Focal and Naim. Thanks.