New Naim system got, now do I change my speakers?

This is my first post, big question for a first post!

I’ve just put together a new Naim system; NDX2/XPS-DR/Supernait 3/Hi-cap/Chord signature DIN interconnect/Chord Epic XL speaker cable.

I currently have PMC twenty 24 speakers, the only hang over from my old system. These are the second pair of PMC’s I’ve had, so I obviously like them a lot.

Question is, should I change my PMC’s? Focal must be a good paring and I have some Focal Kanta No2 on demo in early January. Are these the right match for my system, should I go for the No3’s or another Focal speaker, or another make? I would love to hear from anyone who has my set up or similar.



First off, welcome to the board. You have an excellent new Naim system congratulations. I’m sure you’ll get plenty of suggestions here shortly. Mine would be to wait a bit and let your system burn-in. It’ll go through some ups and downs. I wouldn’t look to switch speakers for a few months.


Can’t comment as I haven’t heard but Focal are also some of the most disliked speakers on the Forum so don’t go by the Naim/Focal partnership…

What is all this lovely kit sitting on out of interest as this is where the thread will go.


There’s a lot of PMC users here and not a few that don’t find Focals to their taste. Take your time and do the demos.

And only then if you feel they are not giving you what you want. If you remain happy with the PMCs…

Keep them. You don’t have to upgrade. I still have a relatively crap pair of Monitor audio Bronze 4s … let over from my first set up… but they sing with my XS3.

Welcome to the Naim Forum. I have also recently put together a new system, with NDX2, PS555DR, Supernait 3 and Tellurium Q Black II speaker leads and Black interconnects. I sold my previous speakers as I felt they were too much for the Supernait, and I bought some ProAc Tablette 10 Signatures.

The question is why you want to change your PMCs. There seems absolutely no reason to do so if you are happy with the way the Supernait drives them and if you like the sound. The ‘right’ speaker is the speaker that works in your room and provides you with endless hours of enjoyable music. Just because Naim and Focal are linked is no reason to suggest that Focal speakers are more ‘right’ than your PMCs or my ProAcs.

I often ask this question and I’ll ask it of you - do you have a good stand for the hifi, and do you have dedicated mains? If not, both will make a significant difference and ensure your lovely system has a firm foundation on which to give its best.


Thanks all for your feedback/advice. I’m loving the new system and the PMC’s sound just great. The system is on a heavy metal console table with glass top, so not hifi! I’ve uploaded a photo (hope it’s worked) and I can bet some of you will cringe but it looks nice and sounds great. The system is plugged into normal mains socket via a Tacima 6 way mains conditioner and in the spare wall socket is a iFi AC purifier.

A little more context, 10 years back I fell out of love with my very high end Meridian kit as I constantly found myself not listening to the music but listening to a perfection journey that beat me in the end. I did many things to infinite amounts of detail.

With this new kit I promised myself I would listen to the music!!!

Having said that I am totally open to any suggestions, I am sure there are many of you out there that can help me tweak my system for the better.

Thanks again.


Love that table mate…beautiful


I’d get shot of that horrible table and get a proper stand. It will sound a lot better and may allow the speaker to be less in the corner. I’d also remove the conditioner and get an unfiltered block such as the Wireworld Matrix. Then get dedicated mains installed. There are loads of threads about this.


I tend to agree

Yes unfortunately as beautiful as that table is, a dedicated stand ideally a Naim Fraim would do wonders for the sound in all honesty.
Naim equipment does not like being stacked.
Also remove the mains conditioner and I would guess you will notice an instant improvement.



Looks great, if it looks good it adds to the experience IMO. Don’t make the same mistake you made before by chasing perfection, it doesn’t exist.


Thanks for the compliment on the table, may have to find another location for it and acquire a Naim Fraim.


I’ve just removed the conditioner and will listen with it out for a while, replace with Wireworld Matrix?

Yes… lovely as a table…not so much a hifi stand

I can’t comment on that. I have dedicated supply on its own consumer unit with two double sockets and everything plugged into that.
One of the best value for money upgrades and highly recommend if itd practically possible to do!?

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Thanks I will do my homework on dedicated supply :+1:

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Since the room is obviously being use multi-purpose,I wouldn’t be in such a rush to get rid of the table for the sake of ultimate sq. As others have said, the power conditioner should (probably) go, as you can listen both ways, you may decide differently. I would look into some sort of anti-vibration feet, if the table stays. Nice system

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I use Kanta 2’s with a 552/300 NDS ( previous speakers with PMC fact 8)
The Kanta 2’s have a different voicing to the other big focals - less analytical… and sounded way better than the twenty5 26’s when demo’d at home but here’s the rub they both sounded great at my dealers but in my home the PMC’s were way to bright.

Best advice I can give is talk to a dealer, narrow it down to 2 or 3 choices and then get them home for a try - speakers are very sensitive to rooms ergo home demo is king!


Nice system.

I’m amazed that people can just look at a table and conclude that it’s inferior to a Fraim.

I’ve read through many old threads on here and not one has quantified in absolute terms what it is about a Fraim that improves the sound. It’s probably worth an audition but could be that your console table is good match. Maybe, maybe not but don’t write it off so soon, especially if you think it already sounds great.

By the sound of it, you’ve had prior experience of hifi with your Meridian setup. Before embarking on everything that can be done to improve the sound, make sure you’re not going to be beaten again by the journey.

Read enough on here and you’ll find plenty that will get you back on that journey!