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Hi everyone,

My name is André i am from the Netherlands and i am new here. I just purchased a Naim Nait 5-i plus a Bluesound node 2-i from the second hand market to replace my Bluesound powernode 2. They are powering a pair of q acoustics concept 20 with qed silver aniversary xt cable. I love the more open and detailled sound but this new configuration sounds a lot thinner in the bass departement. My question is: are there some tweaks i can do cable wise or is the lack of size of the concept 20 the biggest issue here? With the powernode 2 the speakers sounded a tat bigger and meatier. Im am also fairly new in this whole audio maze so to say.

Thanks in advance.

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If it is a second hand Nait 5i do you know how old it is and what its service history is? It is possible it is due a service. That said, you’ve changed your source as well so perhaps this is a characteristic of the Node 2i? Do you still have the Powernode 2 and if so can you take a line out of that in to the Nait to see how it sounds?

Welcome André.

Congratulations on your new to you Nait 5i amplifier.

I have Naim amplifiers from the XS range (roughly similar) and have used Q Acoustics 3010i speakers (similar to yours but smaller) with them.

The bass is not thin. My speaker wires are Naim NACA5 terminated with Naim SA8 plugs.

I hope this helps.



I used the Bluesound 2, and it was a fine source and well balanced. However, I once experimented with Silver Anniversary XT cable and could not get along with it. Silver coating is well known for giving a bright, trebly, presentation. That is what I disliked. That might not be the only issue, but perhaps it is a factor. Try some copper cables first, and see if the bass comes back. It might be an easy fix.

Thanks a lot guys.
The amp is fine, i had a short demo with the previous owner and it sounded great with his speakers. I fixed it a little bit, flipped the powercable on the node 2-i and it got a bit better. I am going listen for a week or so and see how it goes.

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I’d lose the QED silver, your amp will be happiest with 3m of NACA5 on the end, or try Linn K20 which is also ideal.

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As others have said silover coated ables an sound very bright in some systems esp if of average quality, otherwise the able could neet plenty of run in time. I think naim prefers pure stranded copper for best performance esp for bass.

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@StillDre For the avoidance of doubt, Naim NACA 5 is made of stranded copper.

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…and, for the avoidance of doubt, Super Lumina cable is made of silver plated copper :grin:


Great :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hi StillDre
I had some Concept 20’s when they first came out and they are excellent little speakers I was using them with a UnitiQute 2 but ended up adding a Q Acoustics subwoofer to supplement the bass.

The best thing you can do as stated above is add some Nac A5 which will give the sound more body and flesh things out but ultimately the size of your speakers will limit the bass you get.

Hi Bob, that was my initial thought also.
For now i am going to look around for the nac a5 cables. But eventually there will be a speaker upgrade. Not sure if it will be floorstanders or somewhat larger standmounts. Thanks for the advice

No worries used Nac A5 isn’t to expensive if you buy it used. I sold all my Naim gear a couple of years back and the only thing I kept was the Nac A5 still using it today.

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