New nap 250 speaker connections

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I have just swapped 250dr for the new 250. I notice the speaker connections are placed differently to previous naps and wondering what’s left and what’s right. Am I correct that with new nap speaker cables should not cross if the system was in the middle of two speakers? My system is to the right of the two speakers and not in the middle.

Rest of the system is nac252/supercap dr /nds/555dr. Thank you


You are correct. Left is on the left when you look at the amplifier from the front.

If you look at the back, left and right are actually written on it.

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Please let us know how you get along with the New 250 amp.

Thanks a lot. For once they are labelled the correct way.

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Sure thing.

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The ‘traditional’ Naim way of wiring & identifying the channels was only a problem for those who didn’t ‘know’… :thinking: :crazy_face:

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:rofl:It’s more that I had got used to naim way of doing things, but they are now more conventional eg balanced connections which threw me

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