New NAP250dr Amp powering an old Nac102 preamp

I wonder if you really know what you need. Swapping from a 272 to an NDX really is pointless. A NDX2 would make sense, for better sound and functionality, as would waiting for the 272 replacement. Just because your friend is selling it doesn’t mean you have to buy it. Work out what you really want and get that, and note that while you say you don’t want a Hicap, if you stick with your 250DR none of the separate preamps will work without one.

What i need is a better source such as ndx in the system without blowing my budget on an ndx2
It boils down to 800 gbp for an ndx plus about 2500 for a 282 hicapdr
Big difference

You’re looking at closer to £4,000 for a used 282 and HCDR.

How about considering the 82, as another option…? I love mine… :smiley:

Absolutely. The 82 is excellent and little different to the 282 at about a third of the price.

sure will lookup the 82 , its unfortunaltey not available in Dubai…will need to order it from hifishark etc. On the other hand, would a flatcap2 work with the 102. ( while I accumulate the courage and funds to go ndx2 282?
( after paying for my sons cambridge education - as international even though i am brit)

yes there is one here although sno is from 2007 for the 282 and 2014 for the hcdr for 2500gbp

I already have a 250DR and XPSdr

The Flatcap will work but it’s far from ideal. It’s a Hicap you want. Presumably as an expat you don’t pay U.K. tax, so it’s only fair that your son is treated as an overseas student, though I’m not sure why you chose to mention it, other than showing off.

i saw an earlier post @hungryhalibut from 2020, there is a flatcap2 floating around , would that power the 102 - job done for now

A bit of that granted but it was the budget… i donpay taxes anyway thanks for the answer

Do pay

You’re taking a step a backwards in this set up in my view. The 102 is a weak link in that system.

Yes now zeroing on 2 options 202 flatcap and 282 hicap thanks

As an experiment, you could try out the NDX as a source into the 272. Also swap XPS between the two. Thus you can compare the following:

  1. 272+XPS → 250DR (what you have now)
  2. NDX → 272+XPS → 250DR
  3. NDX+XPS → 272 → 250DR

and tell us what sounds best to your ears. Normally I would expect that NDX and 272 are at a similar level as sources.

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Yes, It will do the job of powering a 102. I used to run my 102 from an olive Flatcap. It’s a reasonable waypoint on the road to greater things.

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If those two pairings are similar in the hierarchy to the olives 102+FC and 82+HC (and I have/can run both) then there is a definite uplift in SQ from the former to the latter. At extra cost, naturally.

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You already have a good set up. The 202 is a step backwards. The 282 would be a noticeable improvement if you get on with its characteristics.

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Took the
Plunge and got a preloved 282 hicapdr …wow
Did try the ndx to 272 preamp and though it was better than the start point , the 282 is streets ahead!
So i have ended up
XPSDR>NDX>282 hicapdr>nap250DR>proacD40r
Finally have the SQ i was hoping for
Thanks for the suggestions and inputs


That’s great. What a lovely well balanced system you’ve arrived at.

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