New NAS advise needed

Im just after a bit of advise really, Im after a very easy to set up NAS drive with a media server built in ( like twonky from years gone by ). I have over a 1tb of WAV files from my N-serve but as it will be making its third trip back the naim HQ in 5 years i have just had enough. I have all the music backed up so plan to drop it all onto a new NAS with some sort of server build in. I purchased a synology nas last week but have found the software terrible to work with and it had limited media servers build in so i have sent back as i just couldnt configure it to work, Artist, to Album, to Tracks . I have read good things about the WD ex2 but cant seem to find out what server software they use and if they are any good.
Does anyone have one or can recommend a good cheap ish NAS to go for just 2 or 4 bay simple plug and play.
Many thanks in advance.

If you have CD rips done on a Naim ripper, convert them to FLAC before transfer to a non-Naim device. Otherwise you will have metadata issues. It will take a while, but then the file transfer will be quicker with the smaller files.
I would suggest a QNAP running Asset. Alternatively, for a more user friendly experience an Innuos Zen Mini.


+1 on QNAP. Way better UI than synology.

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I’m a bit confused, you say “1tb of WAV files from my N-serve” & that its been back to Naim. nStream is the old Naim control point all, I guess you mean UnitiServe (they that go back to Naim) ???
If so, your ‘Naim’ ripped WAV files are not suitable to just drop into a NAS, they do not have the metadata embedded as do ‘normal’ WAV files. (maybe why you couldn’t get them sorted with the Synology) You need to first convert them to FLAC, that embeds the metadata & then when they are moved over to a NAS you can then either convert them back to WAV or do as most do & transcode (convert from FLAC to WAV on the fly) with your new NAS software.

As for a NAS, look no further than Synology or QNAP… Big mistake sending back the Synology, yes their basis UPnP ‘Media Server’ is basic, but there is so much more that improve on that; the included 3rd party Minimserver package is one of the best with easy multiple browse configurations. You could also install the equally excellent (better even) Asset UPnP software.
You want a cheap’ish one, so why consider a 4 bay? For audio a 2 bay or even a 1 bay is all you need - with a well maintained back up plan I hasten to add.


My main server is a 4-bay Qnap, with a copy of my music on a 2-bay Qnap. I have just replaced the disks in the latter (2x4TB from 2x3TB) as I made the mistake of making it a backup target for my work files.

I would always recommend 4 drives. It is the minimum number that allows for a RAID 10 configuration. RAID 10 combines disk mirroring and disk striping for the best combination of performance and redundancy. You can hot swap a failed disk.

Maybe so, I posed that question because the OP said he wanted a ‘cheapish’ NAS. So given that a 2 bay or even a 1 bay is perfectly satisfactory for basic audio use - with a robust backup plan - then why double up on the cost of HDD’s.

Agreed. 4 does double the disk cost of 2. … and the enclosure is more expensive.

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