I need to buy a new NAS. SYNOLOGY ds218 + or SYNOLOGY ds 718 + ???

I think they are very similar. Main difference is the CPU and the possibility to connect an external expansion for more hard disks on the 718+.

For streaming music the 218+ should be far enough.

It could be interesting to put some more RAM into the NAS, depending on the services you will run on the NAS. But this can be done later if you think, memory is too small.

The difference is around € 130 …

If it’s just for use as a music store and UPnP server, the 218 is fine.

I have to insert all the liquid music, some souvenir videos and digital photos. I would like it good and fast and above all for easy-to-use music streaming

The old nas wd my cloud begins to lose data, I don’t like its twonky because it is slow and also I can no longer see the disks from the naim app and the covers are mixed between the authors

For a music store a 218 is all you need, but if cost is a consideration why a 2 bay.? a one bay 118 has similar/same CPU & RAM as 218. You will need a good separate backup, and that’s something you need with a 2 bay as well, so why not have a one bay?
A 218+ has more CPU & RAM that is selected for 4K video, so if you have music + video + business & + other stuff, then that justifies 218+.

Mike, do you think a 218+ is going well? 718+ even if it costs 130 € more is not worth it? He also has just one more RJ45 … I don’t want to spend 2000 € on melco even though I know it would be the definitive one on the music side. But now I’m tired of wd my cloud and I want to spend little or the right amount

I understand why you are tired of the WD Cloud, a NAS is so much better, but a more powerful NAS does not give better sound. It will access & find files faster, plus other background functions, a low power NAS is plenty fast enough, my DS214 takes aprx 1 second to go from Naim app touch to start to play
Unlike the discussions I read about Melco type servers, Roon etc, there is virtually no difference in the various NAS brand & models sound quality

The important thing is that I see all my discs purchased over the years from Qobuz and Hdtracks, it is important that I don’t make a database reconstruction that lasts one / two days! I hope the sound is better than the WD My cloud 3tb! However, I also have a Unitiserve at home …

I wouldnt fall down the rabbit hole of what nas “sounds” best.

Like anything get the best one you can afford. They can dress them up anyway they like but at the end of the day they are computers nothing more so check the cpu, core count, ram, ram speed etc.

Personally I prefer to roll my own but if you must get a ready built nas check the specs for the best you can afford. If energy consumption is your key issue the poorer the spec the better in general

I went with a 4 bay Synology. It’s more efficient storage than a 2 bay. I have all my movies, race videos, music, and photos on there. I wanted plenty of room for expansion. I have one set up as a hot spare. It’s also got a powerful cpu and 8GB ram to be able to run Roon in the future.

It might only be 130 more, but don’t forget the disks are substantial cost. Size isn’t that much bigger. I have had it almost 3 years now and love it. Best decision ever.

I took 718+, mounted the two hdd’s and turned it on. Done raid 1.All ok. I can’t understand why Minimserver gives error due to Java problem. Yet I have Java Latest updated version. I did however install the basic media server. I am looking for a guide or tutorial on how to use nas synology. It is not very easy.

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