New or Pre-loved

Im thinking of getting a Nac 202 and a Nap 200,but one of the pair will have to be pre loved .I know amps could do with a service if of an age but do pre amps need the same TLC .
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There’s always pre loved :wink: ATB Peter

Thanks Not good at typing.

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In a word Yes

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Would be good to get them both pre-owned, however out of the pair better to get the 202 pre-owned because it’s the most likely of the two components you will want to upgrade first.


No issues at all, with pre-loved Naim gear, at any level - IMO - and in my actual experience. Most of my system is now pre-loved boxes, serviced as required - 82, HiCap, etc. Only my older stuff was bought new - such as my 250… :smile:

Pre-loved will also hold its value - where as new may or may not… :thinking:


Get both pre-owned and use the surplus to fund a HiCap.


It you’re looking at a used 200, make sure it’s a 200DR if you plan to use it to power the 202.
Better still, get a Hicap, in which case the older non-DR 200 would be fine.


Corrected for you.

It matters a lot less with the preamps. With the power they can in extreme circumstances go unstable and take out your speakers. If you do go for the 202/200, do get a napsc. It’s not expensive and makes the 202 sound a lot more natural. I wouldn’t use a 202 without one. You may also want to think about a Supernait 2 or 3. The 3 has a built in MM phono stage, which is really useful should you have, or plan to get, a turntable. It’s far fewer boxes, if that’s important.


You mean 282… I think… :thinking: Or 202… but not 292… not yet.

Prices of s/h 200/202 plus eventual service would probably be higher than a s/h SN2 which you at a later stage can upgrade with a Hicap.
Preloved Naim amplication is often free hifi as most of it keep good value.
You might consider older Olive or CB boxes.?

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Or for around that kind of budget you could get a 102 + napsc / 140 and get them serviced, so removing the service needs issue for a good 10 years. Agree with HH that the 102 and 202 both need the napsc (which powers all the remote control and relay input switching) to work as well as they can. The 102 can be fitted with phono boards for either MM or MC cartridges, while its successor the 202 has no facility for this.

Exactly — or a used 282… An “elderly” 282 is about the same after service as a new 202, and then a used Non-DR 200.

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It never occurred to me to get my 202 serviced. I didn’t think it was relevant. Then I had my 202 serviced by Class A earlier this year after owning it for 12 years. I would rarely if ever disagree with @hungryhalibut but I have to say the transformation for me has been significant. A steely harshness disappeared; dynamics were noticeably improved and stereo imaging is better than I’ve had in years.

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I had my 13 years old preamp serviced in November it started making a huge difference after a couple of weeks or so.
I did perceive a steely harshness which slowly disappeared after the burn-in period as it usually happens, dynamics and stereo imaging definitely improved.
I was told the napsc2 wouldn’t need ,anyway.
True it is cheaper than servicing the power amp so better off buying this latter new but improvement is almost in the same league as I perceived after swapping my unserviced 200 to a not-Dr later unit.

I wholly concur. Took mine a couple of weeks to settle. After that…

Good to see positive noises, for servicing/re-capping here. Not to be under estimated, the effect this can have.

(From the Naim website) How often should I service my Naim product?

This is a question often asked, and the (Naim) Service Department recommendations are as follows: for the Chrome bumper (circa 1975 to 1989) and Olive (circa 1989 - 2000) range products, we recommend every 8 - 10 years and for the newer black products (2000 - present), every 12 - 15 years.

Pre-loved is great but make sure everything is there, the requisite cables, remote, box and packaging.



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Sadly I don’t think you will be happy with the 202/200 combo for long

So buy BOTH pre-loved and then you won’t loose too much in the inevitable more upward