New PC for Roon

Hi all - I am changing my pc … with home working I decided that I could rationalise my PC’s … I have an old monster gaming rig … that gets hot and noisey … and a little NUC i7 which runs Roon and everyday computing… I have discovered I am using the NUC more and more it is reasonably powerful… that got me thinking…so I have decided to ditch the old gamer pc and the hot noisy little nuc … for a mini pc Asrock X300 with a beasty little APU the 4750g pro…fitted with a really good quiet cooler (IS-47K)

Has anyone had experience of Roon running on differing pc’s … is there a sound quality difference? I could always keep the nuc and just use it for music…

All I can tell you is that I noticed a small but significant sound quality improvement moving from a QNAP fanless NAS to a Roon Nucleus+ in favour of the latter

When I first started using Roon, I tried it on Windows 10, a Mac Mini and finally a NUC running ROCK.
I wouldn’t be able to tell you which was which if I hadn’t connected them myself. No difference for me.

Personally and perhaps only me, I would not seek to use my daily driver pc as a server.

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Compared Roon core on MacBook vs Synology NAS - I couldn’t tell any difference in sound quality

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I can’t say about the sound, I doubt differences, but I can say that running Roon Rock on a dedicated NUC (I am using a fanless “cirrus7 nimbini media edition”) is great, it just sits there and does its thing, no hassle with updates or anything, and music works even if the main computer breaks