New phono stage for Troika?

I’ve got a new NAC 282 and my old Nac 72 had Linn MC cards. The obvious is a stageline K, but is there an alternative option?

prefix and/or superline and a proper psu.
Otherwise change brand

I’m grappling with something similar. What would you consider a proper psu?

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That’s interesting. I’ve also had a prefix suggested and also dissed by others. My feeling from listening to these opinions is that a Prefix is now old tech. Any used examples around will be probably in need of a service at least. Not such a feasible option after this.

Don’t discount the superline though run from AUX2.

I have a Stageline K into my 252 and have never felt the need to upgrade. Of course it gets the full benefit of the Supercap, which you don’t have, but I’d be inclined to try one first.

Prefix is very similar to the Stageline but benefits from the short cable from the arm to the electronics.

Unlike the Troika?

It is just as old tech as the Stageline from a circuit design perspective.

I don’t know how a Linn Linto would fare but I have a feeling it was well considered in its day.

Prefix K and a Hicap if on a budget (appreciably better than the Stageline) - the two were meant for one another. Just be sure to go for a later Prefix with black SNAIC and the RF mods, or else budget for a service and update.

Otherwise a Superline.

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it’s very good, try it

veery true even if a later example.

Well, I think I need to spend a bit more time investigating the phono stage. My sense is that the stageline is one of Naim’s back burner lines. Despite the renaissance of vinyl there’s a huge budget gap between the Stageline and superline. No middle model. So many competitors to check out. It may be that I settle for a K or S stageline. THe fun is in the hunt methinks.

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