New pricing from NAIM effective 6th December 2021

just been advised by my dealer new pricing from Naim from 6th December 2021

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Do you know what sort of increase is envisaged?

been emailed this - I don’t see the 202 on the list - discontinued ???


Plus 4k on a 500 or 552?

also note 200 NAP not on list either ??

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Tom Tom wrote in an email:

Now is the time to treat yourself to that upgrade you’ve been promising yourself before Naim raise their prices on the 6th December.

Naim have not increased their prices since 2019, however component shortages, supply chain disruption and rising distribution costs have inevitably lead to increased production costs which they are no longer able to absorb

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Just for some context. With rare exceptions, this is the first Naim price increase since 2019, and reflects the many ongoing impacts of the COVID pandemic – particularly higher component prices and major logistical cost increases.

Of course, all existing orders - and all orders received before 6th December - will be invoiced at the existing pricing.


Guess , the SN3 has eclipsed them

same in Champagne - Price increases are coming in 2022 for sure


SorryClare but the 2019 refrence isn’t a justification. The nap 500 is rising from 20300 to 24999. Inflation gives a rise to 23900 in that time frame.


Maybe general inflation, but not inflation when it comes to component and raw materials, and shipping costs.

There are some widely used components whose price has risen several hundred percent, for example.


Nd555 with 555 dr rises from 20,99 k to 24,99 k. A big increase.

Well I think my Naim 500 system dream has just been shattered. I won’t be finding another 8k down the back of the sofa.


IIRC, with the ongoing parts supply issues it was announced a month or two back that production of the NAC202 and NAP200 have been suspended until further notice. I guess that’s why they aren’t on there.


Oh my life!!

I just did a quick and rough calculation in my head, and the value of my entire system as listed in my profile is less than the price of a 552. This includes the cost of servicing it all in the last two years, upgrading pots 5 to pots 8, and installing three radials from a separate consumer unit.

That’s put a smile on my face. :grinning:


C’mon. This is good news. It stops us talking about the next purchase, and fall back in love with our 282s et al. And of course those same items will hold their second hand value better too.
Surprised naim didn’t crank those prices right up, and cut supply. Just like a successful Swiss maker of watches. :wink:


Blimey , I was pleased with deal I got on a Ex Demo 552 back in July I’m doing cartwheels around the lounge after seeing the new price.


Yes - I am quite relieved I already have full 500 system though need to tell the insurance company :grimacing:


Interesting about the 202/200. I wonder if this is a temporary or permanent change. Like many I suspect I transitted though the lower end Naim pieces as an entry level or ‘gateway drug’ process and was able to work my way to my current system as funds allowed. I accept that the Nait, SN and ‘all-in-ones’ do to some extent still offer this but wonder whether others might not get into Naim as I did if the bottom rung of the ladder is set too high - it’s a big jump from SN to 282/HC/250.

OTOH perhaps the Muso is seen as the portal now…