New ProAc D2R

Have any of you wonderful chaps or chapets had a chance to listen to these speakers yet? I owned D30R about 5 years ago, loved them.

I had a pair of D2’s for awhile and currently have the D30RS.

My dealer had a pair of the D2R’s and the retail price was $4600 where the original price of the D2’s was $3400 a few years back. I never got around to listening to the D2R’s but I considered buying them. I went and listened to a demo night where the D30RS were playing and got to spend an hour with them and loved them. I took me about 6 months but finally bought them this March and were delivered right before the lockdown. I believe they were featured at the Bristol 2019 show and one member commented that the ‘D2R’s were excellent.’

Hopefully you get a chance to listen to a pair they would go great with the SN2.

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