New product announcement?

Have I missed it?


Nope. Don’t think its come out yet… :thinking:

Maybe we are up to early…?

And - the thread discussing it has been nixed… :astonished:

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Everyone’s still tucking into their Frosties at this time.

I would think after 10am.


There’s no indication whether or not any announcement will be made today, this week, or any other time. There was a lot of speculation about an announcement coinciding with Naim appearing at CES tomorrow - though it is unclear if in fact they will be there: a post by Focal on Linkedin said tgey would be, but as of the early hours of this morning, the eve of the show, neither Focal, Naim nor Vervent are in the current online list of exhibitors we don’t know which is correct.

Meanwhile I guess someone must have posted leaked details of new products in the thread full of speculation as it has been taken down…

I think it’s at 2.00 p.m

The embargo on information about the launch ends at 2pm GMT today, at which point I will reinstate the old thread. Until then, please be patient…