New products 2021

So 2020 has been a quiet year for Naim in terms of new product launches. What do you think will be launched in 2021?

I am predicting a replacement for the 272. Must happen so that all streaming products use the latest design.

I think time to launch new range of pre amps in the classic range.

A long shot would be new speakers with focal which could be driven actively.

Over to you!


I think that now Naim are in bed with Focal they will leave the boom boxes alone - the recent package deals seem to be testing the water. Now if they had been bought by ProAc . . . :joy:


SuperNova announcement in 2021 with a release in 2022…?


A Statement source?

Understandable lack of product in 2020 all things considered. What happens next depends on whether Naim go after a new sector or bolster an existing sector. Recent trends for less boxes point away from things like a new DAC or headphone amp. Everything points towards an upgraded 272.

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Can anyone tell me how to connect a fiio k4 pro headphone amp to a Supernait2

I do wish they would have a go at a turntable maybe like a rega as a complete package plug and play sort off thing


Tried a forum search?
Possibly start new thread?

Hi no but I’ll give it a try. Many thanks

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Updated pre-amp range to include AV processing, switchable between 2 channel and surround.

Tube or Hybrid Tube amplifiers?

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To the av out using the phono in on the Fiio, not sure it will be better then the SN2s hp jack, just different.

A Super Nova, new pre-amps and a 272 replacement matched with Focal active speakers seems obvious?

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Hi Peter Many thanks. As you can imagine I’m not the brightest music lover on the planet

I have a Fiio K5 pro at work its a nice product.

Statementqute streaming preamp…with knobs on…

New facade for classic series, harking back to the CB look

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Most audio manufacturers have various prototypes on test bench.

I’m sure Naim will introduce new products only if they expect high selling numbers or something very profitable.
Same with product no longer selling are soon to be discontinued.

The tech behind the amplifiers dates back to the 70-80’ies and are refined with DR etc.
My guess next is a new 272 streamer preamp, a Statement Nait, a battery Mu-so but you’ll never know for sure.

A reference level integrated amp say, double the cost of Supernait 3 for those who don’t want to go down pre/ ps/ power amp separate boxes route. No Napsc please and no digital inputs.

Could be a poor mans 282/hi/250?

Flicking through a Hifi news yearbook, loads of manufacturers are able to pull this off, or is it that the type of transformer that Naim buy into is just exceptionally noisy?

Could be a 500 size box, to assist transformer isolation.

I’ve seen some call it a 500 integrated but that would imply a £ 20 k cost - no thanks.

So Referencenait it is then.

I’m happy to help Steven Sells with some design ideas. Consultancy fees to be discussed of course and royalties percentage.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Or, perhaps put another way (?), a ‘Naim for Bentley’ hi-fi system for domestic use on the basis of ‘hold the Bentley’ i.e. something better than the Mu-So’s.

Someone from Naim (Jason?) made a comment at a Statement dem about there potentially being a 4th tower for the set-up, assumed to be a streaming source.

At the moment, my money is on a bigger-market appeal product like a replacement 272 which, like the Mu-So’s, can act as another entry point for the brand.

I just don’t see a business case to revise the whole of the Classic line-up, which would also mean re-doing 500 series too.

But, as you say, a Super-SuperNait would be very attractive for many around these parts.

Hmmm, always like these kind of topics …