New Project RCM platter levelness question

So my brand new Pro-ject VC-S2 ALU has just arrived and I already have a concern even before cleaning my first record.

I assembled it as instructed and just checked that everything is working as expected.

What I noticed is that, when rotating, the spindle is not perfectly straight but translates a bit in position leading to the platter showing about a 1 millimeter difference in edge height as it rotates.

I also checked with a spirit level. At some points it is perfectly dead on straight and then rotate it a quarter and 1 mm off.

Is this something to be concerned about? Or is this kind of error acceptable ?

No, not acceptable.

Try cleaning a record. When the vacuum is on, it sucks really hard and the record sticks to the cleaning arm. I very much doubt it will make a jot of difference.


Ah thanks. Will give that a shot later and see how it goes.

Regardless of being perfectly flat or not I was already wondering how slight vinyl warps would be dealt with and this is then also how.

Sounds a bit crap but as HH says, the vacuum arm will stick like glue to the record

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Just tried my first record and it certainly did suck.

Seems to work exceptionally well!

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And the real test is how much better did the record sound?


Oh dear that is sounding pretty darn good! Definitely noise reduction.

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@Richard.Dane Whoops sorry for posting my threads in the wrong room :grimacing: Thank you for moving!

I thought I’d already moved them a while back, but thanks to another member who alerted me that they were still in the Music room.

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Good isn’t it! Best buy you’ll ever make

The thing about vinyl when they say source first it’s amazing how many people think it’s the turntable not the vinyl

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That is very true. It was just not foremost in my mind.

And honestly the cost of the RCM can be prohibitive. Well at least at my side of the paddling pool. Because at the end of the day it is really about experiencing it for yourself.

The need for it has to be convincing enough to spend the cash there and not elsewhere in the system.

Thankfully, for me, the good folk especially here made a very convincing case for it!

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I wouldn’t be without mine, OK mine I made myself but I would have been just as happy with the results no matter what I paid, I honestly think it is the most essential part of my vinyl playback

Anyway, enjoy the results :+1:

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Agreed, now that I have experienced the joy as well haha

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