New Radial - latest regs advice needed!

Firstly, a huge thank you to all those who contributed to the extensive threads regarding dedicated radial circuits for their systems. Having upgraded my pre-amplifier over the COVID period, I have realised I need to sort this for my set-up to ensure I get the best out of it.

Currently, I have a 6 outlet trip-protected Amazon block, self-wired into a grotty extension cable, plugged into a double wall socket three metres away. I also have a dimmable LED lighting circuit plugged into the other outlet next to the hifi supply, feeding a cheap dimmable power supply… Ok Ok!! I should be shot for crimes against HiFi but it sounded OK up until now…

I have done much of the work myself, including running three sets of 6mm T&E to the cupboard next to the Naim system and terminating them with three un-switched M&K double sockets recommended in the other posts. What I am less clear on, is the type of consumer unit to ask my electrician to fit, and the best trip stitches (and how many of them!) to fit into the CU. I recall from the main archive radial post that the regulations have changed recently and I would be extremely grateful if anyone with experience could advise me on what CU and switches to opt for so that I can get the job completed and plug the system into a better supply!

Thanks again and wishing everyone a terrific Christmas

Ive just had mine fitted, and I went for an MK metal CU with a single 32Amp RCBO C curve as I am using a single 10mm SWA cable. In your case you will probably want three of these.

You will also have the option of a surge protection device, but it is generally recommended not to have them on HiFi circuits. It isn’t a regulation requirement yet, but it may be in the future.

Ask the electrician to take a good earth back to the main Earth block that comes into the house rather than a terminal block that may already be there.

Ensure the new CU is fed from a Henly block which is fed from the main house input and doesn’t come off the existing house CU


Hi Gadgetman,

That’s terrific, very helpful indeed. The main feed to the house comes in around the front door and straight into the internal meter cupboard so I should be able to get a good connection to the earth.

Did it make for a beneficial upgrade in your installation?

Thanks again

Everyone here says yes, unfortunately I had a head cold when mine finally went live, so never got that Yeh! moment, however it does sound great now, and cheaper than any Black Box upgrade, and cheaper than most HiFi cable upgrades.

Great; I’ll look forward to going ‘live’ and see what’s what.

Cost has certainly been pleasingly manageable - between B&Q for some missed trunking and the electrical wholesaler, I’m only out of pocket by about £120 so far… Not many worthwhile cables you can get for that number … :+1::+1::+1:

Of course the wonderful thing about Expectation Bias is that it doesn’t matter if it sounds better or not, it always sounds better when you spend money on your HiFi :wink:


18th Edition states
Surge protection (type 1 or type 2) should be fitted at the origin of the supply to the property. This can be installed inside the existing consumer unit, fed from the consumer unit and fitted in its own enclosure, or fed from the supply tails and fitted in its own enclosure.
You can leave it out but it needs a risk assessment.

That matches my understanding. In my case I had the Main CU changed at the same time and went for a Surge Protector, but for the HiFi circuit, I was happy to take the risk. After all there is no point putting in a dedicated HiFi radial only to potentially reduce SQ

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