New Rega products launch

According to a Rega web page, there will be a launch of on new products at Audiobarn, at Saturday 21st September 2019.
The system will be:
High-End Rega Turntable TBC - Watch This Space
Rega Aura Reference MC Phono Stage
Rega Aethos Integrated Amplifier
Fyne Audio F502SP

I assume it will be a launch of new P10 turntable. Anyone knows anything more about it?

I would guess that Rega evolutionary evidence points to this launch being a Naiad inspired Planar 10, essentially a P8 with improved power supply, ceramic platter and a tweaked RB2000 tonearm. In short, very desirable.

IIRC, somewhere in the midst of an interview conducted by Michael Fremmer with Rega’s Phil Freeman, there was reference to third evolution of the P8 to be launched, but all plans are fluid and this could have been shelved.

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Then it should be named as Planar 11~ ( Mine goes to eleven ) :kissing_smiling_eyes:


If it were Elon Musk he’d DEFINITELY name it 11. I think it’ll be boringly-named P10. But likely a fine product.

Not sure about an improved power supply…Rega seem pretty happy with the current one …and as you say …plenty of scope for other changes like platter / arm / feet !!! etc

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