New Remote Control

I was rather sad when I had to conclude that battery leakage, when I was away from home for fifteen months, had ‘killed’ my Flash RC. My dealer sent me photos, and they were not pretty.

But I have just taken delivery of a brand new R-com handset, originally supplied with the NAC 552 and the CD 555.

It is like a solid billet of black aluminium, and this bunny is very happy indeed!

Graham - do you know if it will work with other units, such as the Olive series, please?

I will find out later this afternoon. If it doesn’t work, I’ll have wasted around three hundred squid!

My RCom works with the CDS3 no problem so you should be OK.

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Thanks, I’m almost too scared to try now, as it had never occurred to me that it might not work!

The RCom is a nice remote - built like a brick outhouse and a pleasure to use. Just need to be careful not to feed it with old batteries which might stick inside (which I did - now solved).

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Don’t scare me like that, please! It was leaking batteries that killed my lovely old Flash last year, when illness took me away from home for 15 months, and I wasn’t using my Naim system.

Just need to make sure you use newish batteries and not old rechargeable AAAs which I inadvertently did. One had expanded and got stuck. The solution is to get at it by removal of the sensor end cover (via the supplied allen key).

Reminder to self to check the Flash boxed with my CD555 when it comes back from Naim. I’m worried now ! Or maybe Naim will impound it because of RoHS !

As I recall, Naim stopped manufacture of the Flash because it used some compounds or components which were banned.

Not quite depleted uranium, but something nasty!

I have the RCOM with my CD555, these are built to last, all I have done is clean the pads with some pure alcohol. They ooze quality :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks - I’m waiting expectantly!

Jack, I can say that the RC works the volume control on my NAC52 from zero to full volume (speakers were muted).

I can’t comment on the CDS 2 yet. That came back from servicing at Naim HQ a few days ago with one of the (two) transport bolts fastened so firmly that I haven’t been able to loosen it, to be able to play any CDs. Finger tight - my bottom!! It’s very, very frustrating - whoever did that in Salisbury should hang their head in shame.

Thanks. Excellent news. Best of luck with the transport bolt!

I hope that @Richard Dane reads this, and passes comment to Salisbury. Someone must have used some sort of wrench to get the wretched bolt so tight. It’s absolutely maddening to have been unable to play the CDP for a year or so, then some blithering idiot does this after (I hope) fixing the player!

Wrong Richard tagged! (Again).

Sorry, I tried to tag @Richard.Dane, and this is what the system produced. Let’s hope that this message has more success.

I hate to say it but I can’t imagine someone doing it up with a wrench. So what else could it be? Does it screw in on an opposite handed thread by any chance?

Better too tight than too loose. If it’s too tight for you to undo, can you ask a friend or neighbour for some help with it? It will unscrew in the same direction as the others.

Sorry you found the transit bolts tight to undo. The problem is that unless the screws are done up tight the combination of vibration from the courier and the mass-loaded boards can make the bolts gradually undo, with sometimes nasty results.

No, unless they use two identical looking bolts with completely opposite threads.