New Revox hifi

Has anyone on the forum had any dealings with new Revox hi-fi.
I am well versed in the old Revox stuff but have just come across what looks like recent equipment.
Looking at the Revox joy s120 which looks interesting.
Anyone had one if these or listened to them?
How do they fair compared to our beloved Naim stuff?

It did not tick any of my boxes after the What hifi review. They are normally fairly mild on negatives. Most of the negatives appear to be Naim characteristics.
For the price look at an Atom?

I’ve got one in my bedroom. Big sound for the size of the box and speakers and the software is flawless. Wouldn’t have one as a main system not as a second system in a small room they are excellent

Thanks for comments.
I am just selling my muso, intending to get the new model, but then thought what other hi-fi I could get for the money. Started looking at the device and new quad stuff.
Already have a spare set of neat iota speakers and a set of naim n sat speakers I could use.
Main system is still the 552/500 and have a couple if QB units around, and an atom/core .
Was thinking of looking outside the Naim gear.any recommendations welcome

I went to the shop to buy a Muso for my bedroom and ended up buying the revox, with its speakers, after listening to it. Much better than muso

Did you get the s120 or the symphony

I got the s120

If you are anywhere near Haydock you’re welcome to come and have a listen

Thanks for the offer. I’m in Ireland.
Do you use the revox remote or the app.?
What speakers do you use with it?
Does it connect on with the network and main server (if you use these)

I use the app, Paul, its very good and completely reliable. I had the FM board included too. I’ve got it connected by cat 5 to my network and it is rock solid. I can stream local files by upnp, tidal or spotify, internet radio, FM and I have my TV connected to it. I use Revox speakers, forget which ones but they are tiny and match the unit which has built in room correction for them. I especially like the the sleep.timer and alarm clock etc that’s built into the app, ideal the bedroom

What was the cost of the Revox system in total?

I think I’ve managed to answer my own question!

Looks as though the Revox Joy s120, paired with Revox G70 bookshelf speakers, comes in at approx £3,200. At that price I would expect it to sound significantly superior to the new MuSo!

Looks wise, I have to say, the Atom leaves it for dead.

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