New Roon Nucleus

I was about to take the plunge and buy a Roon Nucleus when I heard that there are new updated products about to be launched. I haven’t been able to find any new info through searches, except for a couple of pictures of the new product. Does anyone know anything? Is it worthwhile waiting for the new products or should I take advantage of discounts offered on existing stock of the older products-’.

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I have been told by a dealer that Nucleus production has been on hold because Intel stopped producing the motherboards used by Roon. Production is now resuming, but whether that will be branded differently or not remains to be seen.

They have moved production to the US, made more space inside for larger hard drives, and added a second HDMI port.



I’m afraid that’s nonsense. See what ChrisSU posted.

I wonder if this switch was a result of Trump’s trade war or a QC thing.

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